Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Treacherous and Traitorous

What traitorous beings live here amongst us
who feel they have the right to control me
to the extent of whether I may smoke or not,
who feel it prudent to determine exercise times by regulations,
who feel, or rather, welcome wearing a mask,
effectively shutting their voices, degrading themselves
and being an obedient puppet marching to their own demise!
What callous mind can devise a plan so simple
yet so evil so as to control the entire planet
with fear and threats and regulations which have nothing
to do with the supposed cause?
How did so many become so compliant and unquestioning
of what is now their daily life, at home, limited/no income,
limited/no freedom of movement, censorship of speech,
and where the engagement in virtual networks is encouraged
and contact with real people shunned?
How is this rational or normal or in the interest of you and me?
Economies are crashing, farmers are destroying their crops,
humanity is getting restless, how do you foresee a happy ending?
How will having a record low in the influenza death rate in 2020
compensate for the death of every nation on this planet,
for every drop of blood that will be spilt when we rise,
and rise we will, it’s inevitable, on this final, global battlefield.

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