Wednesday, April 29, 2020

38 Days in Prison

I wanted to love and be loved,
I wanted fairy tales to be true,
I believed in normal functional families
who helped and supported each other to become better beings,
I thought employers had the interests of their employees in mind,
I thought industries were there to aid towards the goodwill of all mankind,
I believed religion to be righteous and true,
I believed education was for the betterment of humanity,
I thought welfare organisations were there for the causes they represented,
I believed what was told to me, by my elders, my parents, my friends, the words of strangers,
I believed in the intent behind the restoration of wrongs committed,
I believed in a selfless, caring, honest, kind and truthful humanity,
I believed justice always prevails,
I believed light always triumphed over darkness,
I believed in happy endings,
a lot of this has changed and I am mourning the demise of what I believed the world to have been.


  1. That's why you can't put total faith in people as they are imperfect and will fail.

  2. Our minds are our only prison. We can choose to go someplace else at anytime. This too shall pass.

  3. you believe in the old school purity but change and degrading corroding change is the rule. Lovely composition