Saturday, April 18, 2020

Let me be a drop of water

Let me be the drop of water falling from the sky,
a drop of water in the cascade of splendor from a fountain,
making rainbows for thirsty eyes who cannot stop shedding tears.
Let me be the drop of rain falling from the sky
into an ocean vast, one tiny little drop in the collective sea
stretching from here to eternity.
Let me be the dewdrop falling into the steam,
flowing down from the highest mountain, finding its way along an effortless trail,
through crevices and under rocks, through soft sand and around tangled roots,
becoming ever stronger, growing, gaining strength and wisdom
from the battering through many rapids before hurdling down a waterfall,
falling, falling, falling, to become the mirror-smooth lake
at the outstretches of the maelstrom, cleansed by the path it followed,
all the while held in the fluid arms of the creator.
Now you can to see through the sparkling water the dancing rays of sunlight
playing hopscotch over moss covered stones and swaying fronds,
colouring the scales of the water creatures in the metallic shine of mystical knowledge,
of change, rebirth, renewed, adapted, accepted, and there’s wonder in that which we are,
who we’ve become, who we were destined to be just as the spirits, flying free in the breeze,
seeing from eyes of love and peace, tolerance and friendship, kindness and empathy,
of all, for all and everything that is.

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