Friday, August 20, 2021

Let it be...


The clouds are marshmallow white and in the far, far distance,

a sharp, dark blue line marks the divide between water and air,

the air crystalline in clarity, open as far as your dreams can see,

lush green palms and pines stand majestically tall,

yesterdays rain flowing from deep roots solidly anchored,

through their bark, fronds, needles, reaching into the sky,

emitting their knowing to anyone listening

whilst they sit under their canopy, back against the trunk,

close their eyes and breathe in deeply, the breath of the forest,

let their minds travel to destinations they didn’t know to be alive within them,

become still, perfectly, comfortably still, let the future you see before you, unfold…



  1. I haven't seen a post from you in a long time.

    I've just moved from CA to Oregon. I will dream of these words when I go out tomorrow. Lovely.

  2. My dear, long, lost friend!!!
    Your comment/visit was such a delightful surprise.
    I see you have done a few blog posts recently so I'll go catch up on your well, hope you are doing good. (I will mark your blog again so I can return often).

    1. ..."let the future you see before you, unfold"

      Lovin' it. A fitting end to a perfect piece of writing.