Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i hear the thundering wind in my ears
the driving hail biting into my skin
the rush of adrenalin burning in my veins
the heady power of destruction lifting me above the ground
as i float over waters, through mist so thick
it clings to my feet, drags me down inch by inch
dark hair in strands knotting as it whips
my shoulders and back leaving red weeping welts
eyes darkly staring, glazed over with pain
the body can’t feel ‘cause the mind is the rain
that douses the flames of survival within
fleeing the form of a mortal ruin


  1. Few years ago I asked an artist (dumb question) what he had in mind as he painted a certain canvas. He told me, it was what I had in mind which mattered, not his vision.

    And that is the way I read your words today Shadow, and if you let me just see in my mind what I see, then this is indeed truly a beautiful writing--and photo, of course. Thank you for sharing these things.

  2. Beautiful and emotive as ever Shadow, sorry I havnt been commenting but your words I am always reading... luv Abz

  3. Shadow a very heavy and powerful poem of numbness. Thank you for sharing dear one.

  4. Shads- great great pic. The post was so friggen powerful really. so trite to say I felt the winds and waves but I did.
    {the heady power of destruction lifting me above the ground} I swear I knew the quaking there. one shot of powered thnder. Did I like it? yeah, it was ok. 5 minutes later-i'm still just sitting here enjoying the rush. whatever's causing these recent surges, please stay with it. ~Rick

  5. Shadow...
    You need a little shelter from the storm.

  6. ..."The mind is the rain" Wow!!! The tremulous thunder and the winds...all thoughts and emotions running through your rain. Love it.

  7. fleeing mortal ruin!
    nicely done -
    no scorpio here :)
    have a day full of blessing for your ever expanding soul!

  8. I really like this poem, the darkness in it is very strong. The picture is perfect and it almost sounds like an addict dying. At least it is what I often picture my own overdose would be like.
    I am grateful today for this picture and that it is not me.

  9. So many images come to mind here. Most of which I'd shrink from to tell the truth. Pretty dark, girl!

  10. WOW!!! The power and intensity of this poem is beyond words ...

    well done dear Shadow!!
    :-) :-) :-)

  11. I enjoyed reading through your blog!

  12. Very moving, you. I can feel your Soul here, through words written.

  13. Your poem matches the picture perfectly. Theres such a feeling of stark pain. Very well done poem.

  14. Some of the images are so striking you know.

  15. This is a heavy poem. It reminds me of dark times. I don't want to revisit that place any time soon.

  16. the mind is the rain that douses the flames of survival...quite the turn of phrase.

    here's to good umbrellas ;)

  17. No matter how much it is doused, there always remains a spark of that inner survival, just waiting for an opportunity to reignite.

    Beautifully written.

  18. Very intense, Shadow. I love that "the mind is the rain" true.
    Have a wonderful day! You're amazing :)

  19. I have read several blogs today about there not being that many poets around. They OBVIOUSLY have not been to yours! Beautiful emotional the picture.

  20. Hi Shadow,
    Just wanted you to know I visited.

    I too think this poem is rather dark - dark and lovely. I remember all too well my being exactly in this place. When I feel myself heading there again, I take action QUICK.

    Love and prayers,
    Prayer Girl

  21. Storms can rage for so many different reasons. This is not one of those storms I give myself too very often. I prefer those other storms. Storms like these are too dark for me.

    Hope you're well.

  22. Your imagery has life. It is almost like you have been in my experiences.
    Although this is dark it has its own beauty.

  23. First timer here! I love the poem! You've got tallent! I am using too many exclamation points so I'll stop now. --C. Taylor Brown
    English Experiment

  24. I was touched, Oh my! I'm alone again my husband left yesterday to work away from me and our kids for 9months.:-(

  25. your last comment has me venturing on some of your 'older' writing...this is so wonderful! the ending is just brillant!