Saturday, April 11, 2009

there is a time...

i see the stranger
with a glint in his eye
yet his smile gives me the chills
his lean silhouette
and fluid stride
belies of a strength that kills

the day-old stubble
on his chin
with laugh-lines showing through
hides the scar
below his cheek
the mark of a spirit askew

and as i hear
the smooth deep voice
uttering words that sound just right
i sense the danger
flowing beneath
it’d be wise to leave now, take flight

yet like a magnet
pointing north
i am powerless to obey
the instinct's alarm
that’s shrilling within
and i say ‘shall we hit the highway?’

for indeterminable
time we travel
rocky roads that lead us nowhere
gazing from heights
of reckless passion
before diving off cliffs on a dare

momentary careless
and rash abandon
doesn’t hide the illusion that’s clear
for written are rules
of this thoughtless game
being played with this stranger here

yet while we can
we draw the life
deep from each others soul
before returning
to the place
of reality that we stole


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. "yet while we can
    we draw the life
    deep from each others soul"

    I related to thos shadow, at this moment, beautiful lines...x

  3. To be drawn to danger. Sometimes we sleep through that draw for many years. Sometimes we wake up. Do we have to return to reality, or can we make it anew?

  4. This is amazing! While reading it, I'm thinking of the 'human nature' in it all...then, when seeing the photo, I'm thinking also that 'time' is the culprit. The stubble is the shadow [sorry, but I had to use shadow for this instance] the drifting of time lapses and emotions.

    Wow...I'm getting into too much depth here today.

    An excellent piece of work, as always. Not matter HOW it's interpreted.

  5. Nothing like a little manageable danger to get your heart started, especially danger with a glint in their eye. ;-)

  6. All the years I was drawn to danger - into dangerous places with dangerous people - I was in terror. BUT I did it anyway.

    I was searching, searching for something and as it turned out, it was never there at all.

    Thank God I'm not under the spell of compulsion anymore. AND - I have found what I was searching for.


  7. Shads-was the reality stolen? or borrowed? maybe altered? pay your nickel take your chances. Did they always know it was a carnival ride that would end where they got on? Are they more empty for taking a ride with no substance or or more full of substance not easily seen? Sorry, questions abound. That last lil bit threw me. ~Rick

  8. It's like a metaphor for booze. At least that's how this poem spoke to me.

  9. Another piece of " danger" magic Shadow!

  10. Your blogs seem effortless to me. I remember a woman once asked, "Is violin playing as easy as it looks?"

    I answered her that the most difficult part of playing the violin well, is "making it look easy!

  11. Yes, I agree with Syd - "metaphor for booze". That image... wow!!! that brought me here. And, then the lines engulfed me even more. Well done Shadow!!!

  12. A little dark, a little daring... a LOT sexy!

  13. I have met strangers like this and once I got in the car.