Thursday, April 16, 2009

eating cookies

colours on wheels, rushing past the unseen
streams of ants in the same direction
the tapping of heels that sounds like a march
clocking into a dungeon
of neon lights that are stark and bare
with white walls of which there are three
computer screens and black telephones
the tools that are used here blankly

and i look at the stern and down-turned faces
anxiously going their way
today, tomorrow, their path doesn’t change
it’s expected, a normal workday

through the showcase of sunrise, awakening birds
and the changing light through the morn
while cats sun themselves and dogs chase their tails
and the farmer’s inspecting his corn
in air sometimes fresh, sometimes wet with rain
where a hunter is out on the prowl
while cool ocean waves are crashing down
onto beaches that don’t have a scowl

and here we are trapped, the rulers of earth
yet are caught in a room without view
feeding the banks, our targets, the shops
while we’re missing natures dew

i guess today
what you could say
is i’m tired of this daily race
and wish to be
eating cookies crumbly
under blue skies out there someplace


  1. so many wonderful lines.

    i want to be wrapped up in someones arms on a secluded beach somewhere.

    i bet you get your wish first!

    well done as usual dear shadow.

  2. It does seem like we spend most of our time working (employment or home jobs etc)and not getting to enjoy life... we wait with baited breath to retire and 'live the good life'... unfortunately by then, most of us are old and unable/uninterested in doing the things that we wanted to do earlier in life... My Mom scrimped and saved all her life for her retirement. She died 3 months short of being able to do so. Spent her whole life doing without so she could do what she wanted in retirement... I wont make that mistake!

    Here in the US the average person probably gets 1-2 weeks vacation a year if they are lucky. I think that is an abomination! Elsewhere they have 6 weeks and can spend time really enjoying life...

    On the flip side, I think that being limited in free time makes us appreciate it more too.

    Heres hoping you can eat some cookies somewhere wonderful soon!

  3. I am FIRST today? Whoa, I'd better type quickly before someone beats me.

    Love the next to the last stanza in this one Shadow. It says it all.

  4. Nothing wrong with a few cookies now and then. I think that I'd rather be on the boat than at work, and getting ready to fix a good brunch with bread, cheese, and some scrambled eggs.

  5. Shadow, this is my favourite of yours. Holy shit, you got the language right on. There's a real melancholy flow to it and then to end it on the eating of cookies crumbly, sweet you, this is nice.

  6. cookies are good!
    mix with fresh air, blue sky and a sunny day!

  7. This is one of my favorites, too! You totally nail the atmosphere in the first two stanzas.

  8. Cookies Are Good...
    Especially when offered up hot and fresh from a shiny clean oven and served with cream.

  9. There are cookies here in Naples (FL)...also one of the world's most beautiful beaches! AND the "cookie" meeting is a mere 2.5 short blocks from the BEACH!

    What are you doing in Africa? Hubby must have a GREAT job. (I'm sure you are happy, Shadow, or you could not write what is in you, in the way you write it!)

    Love your posts, poems, and pictures!

  10. Lovely!!! Another great one from you Shadow!!! Keep them coming!!!

  11. Bravo! The corporate rat race, I know it well.

  12. Shads-You're walking in cool places these days. your thoughts and emotions are wonderful! save me a cookie. I could hear the clicking of heels on tile and the thoughts of a soul trying to excape. ~Rick

  13. Life in the west isn't called the 'rat race' for nothing and on the days when our souls cry out for something different or less of the same, cookies someplace else would be good. :)

  14. I think it's a matter of remembering to let the child with us out to play. Life is rather listless unless we remember to have some fun. Wonderful as always dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. Yeah, and you know I 'm only the right six numbers away from blowing this hole and taking my cookies on the road!

    *sigh* I'd say this was too sad, but what it really is is too true!

  16. Shadow, I love the last verse, "i guess today
    what you could say
    is i’m tired of this daily race
    and wish to be
    eating cookies crumbly
    under blue skies out there someplace"

    I know the feeling. I've been so busy I haven't been able to stop by for my daily Shadow treat. Thank you again for your inspiring words!