Saturday, April 25, 2009

i cry...

i cry for the things that you don’t do for to me
i cry for the things you do
i cry for the times we are apart
for the things i did not get to view

i cry for the heartbreak in your soul
i cry for the cracks in mine
i cry for the things you cannot see
when there clearly is sunshine

i cry for the memories you evoke
i cry for the dreams i had
i cry for the breathless moments in time
that you and i have shared



  1. Shadow,

    You write the human experience with such detailed precision. Thoughts that float in my mind, I would never have words for, you simply, seemingly easily just write...

  2. I love the line "I cry for the cracks in mine."

  3. Shadow, I thought I was all finished with crying...then you find the right button or two, to start it all over.

    Guess I simply cannot allow myself to read your blog anymore, (sigh!)
    ...until maybe tomorrow morning?

  4. "breathless moments in time"

    I really like that line.

  5. Double Dip: Love the super-imposed mascara-cheek eye photo over that letter...where do people get these ideas. Well, that is real creativity.

    And only God creates...but God CAN--and does--create, using us, and the talents given us.

    Ceation is ongoing, it is NOW, never-ending, never began...just IS!

    Please forgive the "pulpit" sound!

  6. I love this peice, relatable, and makes you think...I have read four times just now, and still, find it warm, confusing (in a good way)...

    and beautiful.

  7. The first line really pulls you in and is something anyone can relate to. And "I cry for the things you cannot see when there is clearly sunshine." Moving!

  8. Shadow, are you ok? You seem to be going through a time. Beautiful words coupled with a beautiful picture. Terribly evocative.

  9. I hate your tears... I love your poetry!

  10. As always dear Shadow, your words
    affect me!

  11. "I cry for the cracks in mine" - Ah!!! that is so heartfelt!!! Very well-written!!! Another simple yet so emotional this one!!! Keep them coming!!!

  12. To be able to cry as well as laugh is to be fully alive and experiencing all life is about.

    Beautiful sentiments.


  13. This hit me especially, since I have not come to the place to actually feel my full pain and grieve like I should. Blessings.

  14. Beautiful, Shadow. Very meaningful words. I think we can all relate to them well.
    Don't cry, happy because you are beautiful, Shadow :)

  15. you had me crying!
    Especially with the last line.

  16. This is beautiful and it about to make me cry too.

  17. I love your poem very much, full of feelings and emotions. I enjoy reading every of your poems from my first visit till now. Needless to say I will keep on visiting you. BIG Thank you to you and you added color to my life.
    Cheers and have a nice day,

  18. 'i cry for the things you cannot see
    when there clearly is sunshine'

    WOW I am touched...

  19. My tears match those of hers outside now, cascading down my window pane. As I read your words written.
    But so lovely, so heartfelt; you.

  20. Beautiful. I can't think of anything more than that to say. You said it all for me.

  21. I feel this too, you have a special talent to articulate all our feelings. Beautifully done poem Shadow.