Thursday, April 9, 2009

i sing a song

i sing a song with the wistful wind
the haunting melody of the sinned
from the depths of my deepest soul
written on parched and ancient scroll
releasing the anger and the fears
mingled with sweat and many tears

and as the words float into the night
with shadows drifting ever so slight
through the darkness deeper than deep
over humanity resting, asleep
the spirit breaks free from all foreboding
reality changes, the old imploding
into another world, strange dimension
leaving me free to play with potions

of the impossible, even unheard
to places new, not before ventured
into a time where dreams form and dance
just out of reach but not perchance
for now i sing with the wishful wind
toward the place where my sins will rescind


  1. "reality changes, the old imploding"
    That is exactly the place where we are born anew, a place of creativity, a place of honesty and potential. I love this change, revolution of spirit, Shadow!

  2. Shadow's version of the Big Bang? (Oh stop! That's not what I meant!)

    And it was just a little lizard I found in the garden. Nice to have around actually... they keep the bug population in check.

  3. Lovely Shadow.What treasures come from inside your mind.

  4. Sometimes I think you and I travel to the same places in our souls.

    Loved this poem.

    Prayer Girl

  5. I am just always blown away that you create these day to day, truly a gift for all of us to share and behold...thank you!


  6. I hesitate to write that a poem of yours depicts a certain season, or time. But what I see, feel, is mine, whether it be in your creation, or God's (the same?).

    I see a beautiful beit ever small, picture: one of the meanings which Holy Week has for me.

    Thank you for your sharing of yourself so willingly, and so daily!

  7. I do not mean to be irreverent but I must say that I find this deep poem SEXY!

  8. Sinner or Saint it's all the same.
    You live in seclusion, or you seek fame.
    You may be quiet, or quite profound,
    But in the end, you're in the ground!!

    Each day that you wake up...REJOICE!!

  9. The spirit breaks free--thank goodness for that. Great poem, Shadow.

  10. Shadow, Your writing always moves me. today it was to tears. The last lines are filled with such hopeful expectation. It is good to see that in your writing. And I relate always a bit to you.

    "for now i sing with the wishful wind
    toward the place where my sins will rescind"

    When I read the writing of you or Rick, I can never decide which are the best lines to pull out. All are so well written.

  11. You are quite welcome Shadow Dancing...:P

  12. Lovely! The first lines are my favorite.

  13. That was really beautiful Shadow! no fav lines ... i loved them all!!!
    :-) :-) :-)

  14. I was going to comment that this is so dreamlike, it is!!!

  15. i enjoy reading your poems Shadow,
    a reawakening is what i feel in this one, great need being met, a "ruah" of excitement!

  16. I am writing a poem a day
    And I venture to say
    Not one will come up to yours
    That push and pry and open doors.

    Your poems are great!

  17. Shads-that was so cool how you took us from wistful to wishful. I agree that it is of hope and playfulness. A nice prelude to the weekend! ~Rick

  18. ooh I love this one...I wanna sing with the wishful wind...beautiful shadow.

  19. Hmm, I am on the same mood-set and hence able to connect to this pretty good. Well done Shadow!!!

  20. You have an amazing mind! Always such a treat to stop here :)

    Have a Beautiful Weekend!

  21. I think there is a lot more living for you Shadow ...
    June in Oz

  22. the picture is painfully beautiful. and i can hear a woman singing, it's almost eerie, but settling.

    "for now i sing.... my sings will rescind"
    my favorite.

  23. for now i sing with the wishful wind
    BEAUTIFUL. The spirit of the wind I believe? I have had dreams of this spirit Shadow.. Love this poem

  24. Ahh...the spirit breaks free from
    all foreboding - what a wonderful
    place to be in.
    Beautifully written Shadow from
    your heart and soul.

  25. "releasing the anger and the fears" ~ I just love this!