Thursday, May 21, 2009

silvery thoughts

i face the day with empty sheet
see a paint brush move discrete
drawing lines of curious shapes
through the neighbourhood landscapes
coloured in by people that cross
my path in forests with green moss
and roads of tar with diesel scent
breathing air of good intent
fed by wayward thoughts i hear
drinking sights that make me leer
touched by rays of sunshine bright
tickled by breezes cool and light

to end the day with colourful sheet
a trip all round that is complete
i left behind a bit of essence
of myself in others presence
as i coloured in their shapes
chose and fed them juicy grapes
quite unknowingly touched their being
creating new unseen dimension
did i add to deep-felt woe
maybe darkened their shadow
or did i feed unknown delight
brought some beauty to their sight

as the rising moon appears
adding silvery veneers
in farewell of this today
just a wish if i so may
leave a mark of good in strangers
leading them away from dangers
lived the day to nature true
picked a dandelion. blew.



  1. ...rising moon appears
    adding silvery veneers
    in farewell...

    Magical phrase you have there !

  2. Live for the day....drink in everything that surrounds you....and blow those dandelion seeds to be youthful again.

    You amaze me.

  3. Oh, Shadow, I never saw that ending coming!!! Love it!

    I'm so glad to see that you found your way into WG. Got to have you there, that's all there is to it!

  4. It is better seeming to me to be the seed with the memory of the soft breath that blew me to my home than to be the house where the seeds grow.

  5. lovely, leaving me with "unknown delight brough some beauty to 'my' sight" always dear Shadow.

    keep blowing your wishes out to the world, we all need such beautiful ones.

  6. Every days a different painting ?

    You make me smile.....G

  7. lovin your wish and the means of expression!

    Thanks Shadow.

  8. How nice to get to the end of the day and look back at work well done. I chuckled when I read the last lines about the dandelions. So many people would not dare to blow the seeds around for fear of many more days of weeding.
    Lovely reflections.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Every day we get the opportunity to try again!

  10. Awesome, love the ending!!! "picked a dandelion. blew" now that's a brilliant line.

    Light and Love

  11. I remember blowing on dandelions. Neat memories and great poem.

  12. "i left behind a bit of essence
    of myself in others presence"

    Oh, yes you have. As expressed in the African proverb "Ndinombethe". As I go, I am wearing you.

  13. I would say you have succeeded in leaving a smile on my heart today. Thank you sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  14. Beautiful, Shadow :) Your words, "feed unknown delight, brought some beauty to their sight."...always the case in my visits here to you. You write such beautiful and heart-touching words, and you do it consistently every day! You are a true gift!
    Thank you!

  15. just the kind of blog ive been lookin for.
    drop by sometime.

  16. Lovely those dandelions..... blessings dear one.

  17. "rising moon appears
    adding silvery veneers
    in farewell"

    Ah! Wonderful lines!!! Keep writing!!!

  18. I too remember blowing on dandelions.

  19. just came by to say, well, hello. thanks for the are sweet.

  20. brilliant combination
    of text and photo

  21. Shadow-yes, you do. and you paint us so much better than we are. Thank you. had to smile at your feeding us juicy grapes. never a bad one!~rick

  22. To savor the undulating waves of dandelions aross the meadow is a priceless experience. To breathe in their fresh air is to choose to join them in timeless song.

  23. What a gorgeous, gorgeous piece! Love the ending!

  24. oh, i just love reading your writing...I can picture, see and ponder all; so pleasant...and I do beleive that you do "leave a mark of good in strangers"

  25. You, leaving a little colour behind you as you walk through your day. I believe it.

  26. I remember blowing dandelions too, as a child and as a mom. Such different feelings about each occasion, memories from different stages of my life. Thank you!!! :)

  27. Yeah. Exactly. At the end of the day I hope to leave a better place than I found. Sometimes I do.

  28. This poem painted such vivid images in my mind. what a great job. I love the pic you used with this poem.

  29. I loved the thoughts you painted with this poem. Inspiring. The end, the dandelion, brilliant.

  30. "breathing air of good intent
    fed by wayward thoughts i hear"
    I love the wordplay!