Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my heart it bleeds

my heart it bleeds for memories
of daydreams built in sceneries
as butterflies flutter in the heart
love a moving piece of art
in the shape of a blue-eyed boy
a just creation of your joy
as hand-in-hand you formed a team
and on each other you would lean
through smiles and laughter, tears and pain
through the sunshine and the rain

my heart it bleeds for memories
as music changed to melodies
of weary souls and passion spent
lost in pages of musty scent
into thick clouds and foggy days
resulting in a loss of ways
that left behind a broken crate
regret a feeling that comes too late
as you look at broken dreams
visions apart or so it seems

my heart it bleeds for memories
i’ll never forget these entries…


  1. My heart used to bleed memories until I remembered I wasn't done making them, now I will store the blood and when the day is right I will have plenty of materials necessary to paint the canvas with.

    There is a subtle quality here that often eludes me in my own poetry. I like the way you are expressing the highlights of a life in the process of being well lived...

    New love
    kid making

    Very nice Shadow.

  2. yes, sometimes memories are just too real. I am one of those who live in the past, reliving the good and the bad. I can't seem to let go of them and move forward. I take one step forward and two back, it seems. Thanks for reminding me of this poignant part of our characters.
    Blessings, Star

  3. Once again, you dazzle us all with your words. 'Lost in pages of must scent'...makes me think of memories galore with albums, thoughts, days gone by.

    Beautiful Shadow.

  4. This is wonderfully moving, Shadow. Really tugs at the heart strings.

  5. Shadow, you can bring a reader to tears in moments. Your writing is a straight shot to the heart.

  6. This piece speaks to me. Just beautiful. I often revisit the past. Probably more often than I should.

  7. This was beautiful! I want to send this to every person I know :)

  8. I don't let my heart bleed too much for memories any more. It's just too damn hard.

  9. memories that make you bleed, I could feel my mind wandering off to a few of those.. traveling on your words...
    lost to some other space in time.
    You have a wonderful ability to take me along with your words...
    Thank you..
    I think...

  10. wonderful! (as always, inspiring)! memories of lost love...good memories out-shadowing the reasons it no longer resides by your side...

  11. this was beautiful heartfelt...thank you dear Shadow...

  12. Shads-that was really really good. it's true, memories are sweet but can be dangerous if we lose our balance. Love this. ~rick

  13. So many beautiful elements to this piece....I love it!
    Thank You, Shadow :D

  14. ", a moving piece of art.." Stunning, piercing words. There are many phrases that stand apart and shine like slivers of pure silver. Well done.

  15. Heartfelt post! Very neatly expressed!!!

  16. I was trying to explain to a friend of mine about your poetry. trying to find the words, because i have a deep love of poetry, in a great many forms. ( can you say haiku collector? LOL)
    anyway after a lengthy discussion and sending a link to your blog, I know what it is..
    It translates.
    Your words are personnel, and they relate very easily to the reader.
    (don't take offense, but I compared you to Dylan Thomas..)

  17. Ahh my heart bleeds I am not alone :o)and neither are you

  18. i never want to regret. i never want to say i shoulda. i want to do it or at least fail at the trying. i don't want to bleed for the memories. I want to live for tomorrow. But Shadow, however you put it, it sure is pretty.

  19. This is a lovely poem, and very rhythmical -- I would like to hear it set to music.

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  21. Shadow, this is amazing! Wonderful flow from one thought to the favorite of your work so far. :))

  22. Great work.
    I can feel what your missing

  23. Heh. Me and regret are old drinking buddies. That's the reason I quit.

  24. my heart it bleeds for memories..

    sometimes i said that ive moved on but the memories just cant stop holding me back..

    all good things never last