Thursday, May 7, 2009

a breath of release

dusted in silver the moon is the giver
of silence and peace as a breath of release
escapes the lips as smoke from steamships
float to the sky to meet the red eye
through movie streams of traveller’s dreams
that drift as clouds in studded crowds
of stars in heaven creating a haven
for fairytale wishes that lead to riches
in your soul that excite and console


  1. *dance* I am the first to kiss this baby and she is so pretty too.A very very gentle feeling, touching the reader (this reader) softly; so softly.
    Beautiful, you.

  2. I'm soooooooo ready for fairytale wishes that lead to riches. I need consoling.

    What a sweet, wonderful fantasy you've created today Shadow.

  3. Yes, the moon is almost full and we would do well to honour her! You have given us a beautiful picture with magic word.
    Blessings, Star

  4. 'the moon is a giver' - great opening Shadow, and it then it flows to fairytales and consolation

    thank you dear friend! I love you!

  5. "a haven
    for fairytale wishes that lead to riches"

    You've been reading my mind, again.

  6. shadow -- beautiful, love the imagery

  7. big fat moon is coming isn't it :) i always feel such a sense of awe when i look up at it. we are really so very small aren't we?!

  8. Hi Shadow,
    So calming is that, just what I needed as I wage my war with the council.
    "The road narrows as we get more sober", we have had lots of new speakers at our AA group and one of them said this little thing and it stuck in my head to be regurgetated on my blog like u do.
    It struck a chord with me as well.

  9. Wonderful imagery, I could blow this up and get lost in, there is a calm effect to it. The poem is wonderful also, just what I needed for a day filled with negative people.

  10. This is a wonderful lullaby of words...

  11. Nice....

    Peaceful and tranquil today.

    Great job Shadow.....G

  12. release indeed. dusted in silver the moon is the giver. Oh, to be the moon, or of the moon, or even to spend more time with.

    very lovely.

  13. i enjoy all that you write. Keep it up. Stay Strong. You are a beautiful person and God loves you.


  14. I like the moon and I like the ships. Some of what you write is so descriptive as if in a photo.

  15. so very enchanting Shadow! it really brighten up this miserably dismal day.

  16. Shadow=Mmmm.. I'm envisioning the steamship on smooth to choppy water, smoke trailing. nice images. ~rick

  17. This is the perfect poem for today, a full moon day.

  18. Awww, fairtale wishes that lead to riches, full moon...beautiful!
    Thanks, Shadow!
    You always make my day so much better :D

  19. "I live for the wonder of a ringed moon spell...
    in question of the what and the why...
    and I drink love potions from a witch's well...
    they dry the tears in my eyes..."

  20. Dimensions you visit are outside the physical. You do not fear. You float, instinctively following echoes of the soul. You can ask anytime for the universe to protect you form souls that are not on a positive path. Thy will be done. The answer of what's next is found inside every soul. You only tap into iner knowing when ready.