Monday, May 11, 2009

the desolate man

the quicksand of emotions
cold as burning ice
sinking ever deeper
squeezing like a vice
without a breath of air
thick enough to feed
sucking ever harder
skin begins to bleed

a silent mouth is screaming
begging for mercy
for a splintery raft
in this bloody sea
of the damned and hopeless
frozen in this state
souls reduced to ashes
anaesthetized, sedate

the quicksand of emotions
tempting as it lures
into numbing darkness
of deserted moors
to the hangman waiting
for his reaching hand
ready to surrender
to a fiery land


  1. God, this sounds like the dream I had last night!

  2. I love the picture and the post. I have been out for a bit, but am back, and I have missed reading you. Thanks for writing, faithfully, that we can bask in the beauty of your rhetoric. missed you.

  3. This is definitely a dark one -- but an excellent expression of that deeply penetrating angst that grips your heart. It's raining and dark here in Dallas -- more than I can take on a dreary Monday morning!

  4. Wow, this is certainly a dark/deep one. Well written as always, thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Reminds me of a desolate man looking for another drink...

  6. Shadow - "frozen in this state
    souls reduced to ashes
    anaesthetized, sedate..."

    I am grateful to read you...

  7. lots of great lines here,
    i really like the "quicksand of emotions" - sometimes when everything runs negative it can feel like quicksand.

  8. If that's hell, I've been there. Did not say, "Done that!"

    Got out before the fires consumed all....

  9. you had me at "quicksand of emotions" that is exactly where i was all weekend. this is not so much dark to me as the reality of it is when i choose to be there, sometimes i don't even know i am there until it is too late.

  10. What I like about this poem is its grip on the reader, tightening closer and closer.

  11. Loved the darkness. I especially loved the last stanza. Very well-written!!!

  12. This is dark and scary. Didn't you have a nice Mother's Day? Isn't the sun shining in your neck of the woods? Have you gotten out and planted tomatoes?

  13. Shads-Can't have light without darkness, can we? I don't know bout the surrendering. At that point why not fight back? Well put together, again. ~rick

  14. Shadow you are an unbelievably
    excellent writer, a shepherd of
    the emotions, the heart.
    My emotions are running amok and
    this poem whirls around my gowns.

  15. That is one dark and dreary poem. Perfect for six days of rain and no sun.

  16. just the way emotions flow... thank you

  17. Shadow Dancing....

    This was spellbinding!!!!

  18. Shadow, to beg even for the splintery raft, that is not a good place to be. Feeling like I should swoop to rescue soon. How long would it take me if I leave Canada right now? This one is dark, indeed.

  19. Scream
    Scream loud
    Scream all night long
    Scream until you're light as a feather

    Feels great

    Great post

  20. Spooky -- I love it! And I saved that picture for future use as desktop wallpaper, too.

  21. Gosh, that picture is fantastic, I could almost feel the spirit presence roaming it's rooms. And your poem is haunting to the end.

    CJ xx

  22. That very first line....oh, Shadow, believe me, that tells it all if you ask me.

    And what a beautiful, wonderful Mother's Day post below. It's awesome.

    Thank you kindly for dropping by and leaving your comment wishing Bud and me a happy anniversary. It meant a lot to me, truly. Happy Tuesday.

  23. so many great lines -- dark and deep -- i feel a heavy under current.

    fab writing Shadow.

  24. Your words compliment the picture beautifully Shadow.
    Blessings, Star

  25. "a silent mouth is screaming"
    I liked that line a lot!

  26. Lovely dark words and perfect photo to accompany :)