Friday, November 27, 2009

55 - time to say goodbye

this is the end,
our last goodbye.
two lovers stand
at the great divide.
bonds that have withered
through careless neglect,
sorrow is deep,
two souls shipwrecked.
dreams didn’t last,
too late to retrieve;
distances vast,
too late for reprieve.
you’ll still fill my dreams
on lonely dark nights,
'til gracious moonbeams
our future rewrites.

every friday, compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. if you want to join in the fun and games and give it a your story and report to the boss G-Man


  1. sounds like they have been there before...hope they find that future. smiles. remarkable 55 shadow!

    mine is up!

  2. Simply beautiful Shadow ~ especially poignant for me as these are words I could have easily spoken in the past few months...though I doubt as eloquently considering my heaving sobs stole my breath and voice.

    Another 55 gem ~ brava!

    Mine is up as well:
    Friday Flash 55 ~ Memoirs

  3. Shadow, words taken right from my soul... perfectly mingled. Beautiful 55!

  4. I am fortunate enough to have gone well beyond that day and to have had the moon writing on my soul close to three decades now. yet the turmoil of that time still lingers in the recess of my mind.

  5. I really hate goodbyes. Very painful. You capture their goodbyes perfectly. Blessings dear one....

  6. Optimism rewriting dreams? I like the idea of it.

  7. rewriting the future with dreams....y'know, I like that whole scene that conjures in my reading your 55 work gives me hope.

    Thank you for stopping by Shadow...your visits mean so much to me.

  8. It's been a long time since I've felt that way I'm glad to say. I remember the feeling well though. jeNN

  9. my lovely shadow,
    I was never hiding from you. I just find myself in situations that require a move.
    Movements without discernible patterns. If the time has come for me to move on then acceptance is not a ghost I wish to struggle with.

    The story has only literal words
    (here in Oregon, there was a wreck on the freeway. I was dispatched a little after one this morning. The wrecked car went onto the deck easy and once at the yard fit like a glove into the last slot of the impound lot)
    the story's too long for a comment but trust4snowshadow dot wordpress dot com

  10. Shadow , where were you when i was a teenager , and as now , the summer beguining ... me .... going to the beach ... and face all the summer loves !!!
    this poem would be a very good advise " this won't last" .... i woudn't come back to sao paulo at the end of summer with my heart broken .
    i am going to print your poem and make a gigantic bunner , hang in front of the beach is going to be a wonderful advise for everyone . hahahhh!!!.

  11. from my twin
    whose presents are shown
    to me only
    when the father and the sun
    shine upon me
    casting my shadow

  12. a comprehensive sorrow lies in those lines, how have we not all been there? sigh...

  13. Do we ever just completely walk away and forget, let go? Something always remains... Beautiful, Shadow. You know I always love your take on 55's.


  14. There is sadness in almost every end! I stopped breathing when i read that they stand before the great divide! Powerful!
    Brightest blessings, love and light!

  15. This brought a smile to my lips even though it is a little sad. But it is so what life is often about. Thank goodness for "gracious moonbeams" that rewrite our future.

    Wonderful 55, Shadow.

  16. Reminds me of me and my first husband, it was so sad.

  17. Deep...this one grabbed my heart. Many of us have been at that great divide.

  18. Shadow-so many shipwrecks and goodbyes of late. We could use some calm seas. Always love the 55

  19. Such wonderful emotion and feeling. Love your stuff. This week my 55 is WAR!

  20. Let it never be said that sometimes our vivid fantasy world is not better then real life.

    We can always wake up.

  21. Been there and back...couple of times! Great 55-your pictures always rock!(as gman would say)

  22. I am chilled and emotional over this one, heart pounding as it remimds me of when I left on a ship, leaving the one I loved behind, with to much distance between.. AWESOME
    love U, Happy weekend dearest Shadow..:}

  23. You NEVER fail to leave me breathless Shadow Dancing....
    Perfectly Beautiful...
    Have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  24. Ahh... love. Why doesn't it last? Beautiful piece, Shadow!

  25. It is such a loss when two connected souls fall out of love. Beautifully written.

  26. I was thinking the same thing as TechnoBabe. I think we all go through this at some point. Not until now would I have been able to put it into 55 words! Beautiful. I always appreciate your visits.

  27. 'you'll still fill my dreams on lonely dark nights,
    'til gracious moonbeams
    our future rewrites.'

    Hope lives, no matter what is happening to us. Your words made me want to cry, how's that for female contrary emotions! :)

  28. And when those stories are rewritten, I wonder of the paper they are written on. Well done, Shadow. I could never get it in me to be so precise with words.

  29. Beautiful, tender and sad. Is there a tinge of hope lurking

  30. this is the story of so many
    lovers, the bitter end, caused
    by a careless love.
    you've written this goodbye with
    gentle compassion & of course

  31. Shadow, sweet melancholy sings from this poem, "the bonds that have withered" and "souls shipwrecked" makes me think that these lovers couldn't seem to help where they ended up, but the sorrow is still self-blaming somehow.
    Lovely, even though it's sad.

  32. I am going through this pain at 69--never thought it would happen again. But I am so grateful for my 33 years of sobriety so that I can use the pain to grow.

    I love mister bigglesworth. What breed is he?

    Love, Kathy

  33. Sadly the way it goes in love...but sometimes, it goes better and better with each new love, each new chance to make it right.

    Lovely words, Shadow!

  34. This one's for you :)

  35. thats beautiful :D love what you've written there! hope to see more of this creativity, really!