Monday, November 2, 2009

cry in the dark

i’m closing the door,
i’m walking away,
i’m leaving the past,
i’m out of the fray,
with battle wounds red,
my head held high,
i no longer stand
in the dark and cry,
while you tried to break me,
tried piercing my shell,
you damn well near managed
to place me in hell,
but now is my time
on a flight to embark,
i’m leaving this room
without windows, that’s dark.
too long now the bygones
have left me besmeared,
my story’s now written,
long pages, dog-eared,
with mem’ries that hurt,
i’ve placed them in words,
released me they have,
i now walk with songbirds.

i've written this poem for Janice over at My Diary, please go and say 'hallo' to her...


  1. Very nice what Janice wrote. Thank you for sharing her work! Blessings.

  2. You do have faith

    Cause now you are trusting yourself
    Trusting that
    You are worthy of being loved exactly the way you are.
    You will be loved for who you are

  3. This is wonderful! Janice is very lucky to have a friend like you to write a lovely poem like this for her. I so admire your talent!

  4. Great liberation poem to a friend. Lovely Shadow.

  5. Wonderful, I am off to visit Janice, I felt like I was the one in this poem at one time. Your awesome, Your strength is wonderful.

  6. Yep yep yep, that is just exactly where I am these days, letting the past go and reveling in the clean new air I am breathing in so deeply these days. Wonderful post.

  7. ..."I no longer cry". Yep, love that!!! We woman must stand strong. WE ARE NOT the weaker sex as depicted in fable. Your friend is stronger for your words here....

    Love this one.

  8. Walk? MY ASS...FLY on the melody and breezes created by the breath of those birds!

  9. Beautifully written, and yet it hurt to read it. I remember these words in my heart a while back and you've put them together the way I felt them.


    Takes a strong person to talk out of a situation like that, but it takes a brave person to say they still have the scars, but the no longer hurt...

    In time...

  10. Shadow, it has been such a pleasure to get to share on the blogs with you over the past year or more.
    I love what you do, and how you do it!
    I have named you in this "award" post, which you may have already received but should or could receive every day!
    Thank you for being encouraging to me - see the post
    10 Honest Things

  11. Thank you so much for the poem
    it means so much to you will never no my friend , My last of my monters died sept 26 2009 so i'm still trying to heal, i still have days that i start crying becouse i feel like there must be something wrong with me for them to not want to love me.

  12. !. Your choice of graphics is outstanding--DAILY!

    2. Janice is on my 'roll, I have been following her enough to realize she has "touched" me with her story-telling abilities. Even when the story is TRUE.

    3. Your poem today stands above many others, for its honesty, warmth, and descriptions SO understood by many who have been there.

    "I'm out of the fray"
    "you tried to break me"
    "I'm leaving this room"
    "words, released me"
    "I walk with songbirds"

    Oh my, Shadow, you write as though you have lived these poetic stories, instead of been the observer--and you do it SO WELL.

    Thank you, from hundreds of us, your followers!

  13. I read this and cried. you are such a wonderful person, with a soul and big heart, I know as you have helped me many a time.. I went to see Janice. WOW!! I pray for her and hope their is peace for her soon. So many burdens..

  14. I'm at this place finally..take the lessons from the past, and then move confidently into the present and future.

    A very nice gesture for a friend.

  15. I remember those dark, wounded times. Yet today is full of grace and hope because of walking through those times.
    The poem was powerful.

  16. You wrote this for someone else? I can understand. Now, I'll mosey on over to see her.

  17. reading this i felt a buble in my chest growing and exploding later .
    freedon .
    thank you !!

  18. Wow Shadow really wonderful,
    "i’ve placed them in words,
    released me they have,
    i now walk with songbirds"

    I really like this, oh yes feel the freedom.

    Hug from Nebraska

  19. I can definitely relate to these words.

  20. Very very impressive one. I the imagery that you built when you said you walked out of a room without windows was excellent!

  21. I'm so glad you could make it! Freedom is so delicious...

  22. I love this, Shadow. What a triumphant and courageous poem...So well said. This gives inspiration and courage to those who need to do just this, walk away, put the bad feelings to rest and walk with songbirds!
    Thank you, Shadow :)

  23. walk on....that rocked!

    love the new header as well. smiles.

  24. "with battle wounds red,
    my head held high,
    i no longer stand
    in the dark and cry,"

    I like this part it sounds very strong and tough. It sounds like something that would be in an 80's heavy metal song. Something along the lines of "die with your boots on" by Iron Maiden or Saxon "broken heroes".

    You have a great way with words as always.

  25. Very liberating. And almost challenging with an "I dare you" kind of voice.

  26. You never fail to amaze me. You've put her life in order and given her wings.

  27. Thanks for remind me of let go my past so that i can fill in with something useful and meaningful. Have a blessed day,

  28. Funky new header!

    Once again your poem makes me think of one of my favorite songs, this time, "Where No One Knows Me" by Jann Arden.

  29. This poem is very nice - reveals a strength but also a vulnerability. A proud and powerful piece.


  30. Maybe your stand will break the other in return.

  31. never easy to just up and walk away, requires a lot more courage than staying, no matter how critical to life...

  32. This is great - I think we can all relate to this!! Your words are

  33. Reading that is like watching a short play, it's art in the purest form. Secretia

  34. dark emotions were portrayed well here!!flight to freedom from the clutches of evil was very well written here.i have written 2 poems on such similar topics!!yeah this life is tough for a women to live and breathe!!stand tall!!keep writing!!

  35. Shadow- I agree with Dulce; it's all about liberation. Songbirds make good company. ~rick

  36. Ooo, something I too have lived and released myself from.

    Excellent writing my friend!

  37. You could just have easily written this poem from the confines of my heart. Thank you for sharing, and for leading us to Janice....Seriously beautiful people. Love and hugs to you...from me and!

  38. Of course YOu know I love this one. Freedom