Tuesday, September 11, 2012


picture credit:  http://psivamp.deviantart.com/art/Float-On-45845892 

With a murmuring breath, the edge becomes smooth,
the ledge not as high, much wider than you thought,
your feet become still, your trembling hands rest,
your eyes see new things that have been there before.
Your mind starts to drift on a raft in a sea,
smooth as those edges, a sigh of release…


  1. love the relief i feel in this...and it is pretty cool how we can then see things that might have been there before but now we can see them....

    love your header pic too....stared at it a bit this AM....

  2. Beautifully written. Loved the peace it brings to the reader.

  3. Shadow Dancing...
    Your beautiful thoughts and insights have been greatly missed.
    Please stay for awhile...G

  4. It is amazing at times when what seemed so narrow becomes wider when we perceive no threat and don't fear the letting go of the narrow view. The horizon is so far off when we look to it rather than to the ground beneath our toes.

  5. Mmm....very nice v.
    Adrift, the ledge not so bad
    And things good, that i've missed.
    I needed this

  6. Hey, girl. This feels like a coming back to one's self, to me.

  7. Weeeee Shadow.... wonderfully written and inspiriing. Blessings dear.

  8. Nice to find that you don't have to stand on the ledge but can be adrift on water that buoys you up. Take care, Shadow.