Friday, September 14, 2012

The Laughing Seagulls

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There’s a place where seagulls laugh,
nestled in the arms of a valley of pine trees
that whisper in the salty breeze, where on cloudy days
the tops of these trees are decked in a fluffy white coat
while a thin veil drapes over the valley.

At the back of this place, pine trees hug a little piece of lawn
that invites you to lie on it on warm summer nights.
And this I do under grinning stars, listening to the waves
tell tall tales of sunken ships, and sometimes I even hear a mermaid sing
of far-off homelands and long lost love.

The inside is warm.  Polished wood and Persian carpets
surround a fireplace. On cold winter nights the fire roars
and the waft of burnt sugar drifts through the air
while Mick Jagger once again assures me
that ‘old habits die hard’.

But the attic is a special place... a wall of glass that
frames the ocean. A comfortable couch, a laptop, books and pictures,
and it’s here that I'm drawn to, where the mind and the words are free,
and thoughts dance like specks of light on the wall,
while all the time, the seagulls laugh at me...


  1. NOT LAUGHING, but SMILING I am, Shadow, while reading this picture of a place, a Peep, idyllic scenes, laughing gulls, and YOU! So well written!

    Glad to hear from you, Girl!

  2. I do not mind being laughed at by the gulls, they bring their own peculiar song to the window of my soul.

  3. sounds like you live in a beautiful place...and thanks for taking us into your magic place where all you poems are born as well....and let the seagulls laugh...better yet laugh along with them....smiles.

  4. Shadow, I am so glad that you are back! I loved this! Brought a smile to my face! Hugs my dear.

  5. A beautiful refuge for sure. I'd choose the attic as well, windows open. This write has so much quiet peace in it that i almost believe it exists.
    Lovely, v, seagulls and all

  6. They not only laugh at you
    They Crap on you too!!!
    You are such a treasure Shadow

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    1. hey eddie, thanks for your visit and comment. and your link. i'm okay though, clean and sober now since November 2006... hard road, sometimes wanted to run, run, run, but now i've found my 'groove' and can say that i am okay.

  8. Wow, you captured so many wonderful things I love~ It is a beautiful place :D I enJOYed your view~

  9. I really like this image of the laughing seagulls. The others were bonuses, this one stole the show. Superb!

  10. Seagulls laugh at you and you can only smile point crying

  11. Your little sanctuary sounds divine. And I think those gulls are luaghing with you, not at you!

  12. It sounds like a beautiful place to live at,I wouldn't mind moving there myself.Is it in South Carolina by any chance?

  13. Trying to get beyond G-Man's comment without laughing along with the seagulls here....

    But in all seriousness, I must say I do want to find this place!!!!! And, I want to spend my time there.

  14. Let them laugh. Its ok to be laughed at sometimes.

    As usual I loved it.

  15. Sounds beautiful, Shadow. The gulls may laugh, but really they want something, those beggars. If you really want to hear them, toss popcorn their way.

  16. Hey...throw some popcorn MY way, if ya wanna hear
    some REAL noise--grinning!!!