Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There is a time...

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Yeah, so there are things you’re good at
and things you love to do.
Maybe you’re good at it because you love it,
or is it the other way round, I wonder,
but I digress…
Life, however, has this annoying little habit
of interfering with our ability to do them.
Time seems elusive,
disappearing like a leaf in the gusty autumn wind,
gone without a trace in an instant.
Or is it the energy levels that dip
as you get lost wandering through the empty rooms at home,
staring out of windows, all the while waiting,
praying, for that voice in your head to come up with
a million and 1 other things that need doing.
Need? Really?
Do you really need to snip those flowers? Dust those annoying ornaments?
Fill every waking moment with an activity recognized by the world at large
as something considered to be constructive?
Or should you rather just sit down, stretch out your legs
in the warm afternoon sun, in that quiet corner specifically designed
to relax in and read a book, but never have,
or maybe daydream,
daydream until the sun is but a faint memory,
in a time where the owls swoop soundlessly through the air,
where even the wind has blown itself to sleep
and your mind is refreshed and relaxed
enough to see past the obstacles created by the chaos of everyday.
‘Cause when you can reach that place,
everything is possible,
dreams are real,
and choosing to act is the only, possible answer,
even fear doesn’t feel so bad at all,
in fact, it doesn’t scare anymore,
but fills you with courage and excitement instead,
and you stand up from this daydream
to do, to live, to just experience that which you love,
which you’re good at,
and smile…
because time, too, denies every thief its victory,
and under the light of the passing moon
your dreams become real once more.


  1. smiles....nice...sometimes we do have to step back, relax and allow our dreams to be refreshed before moving on...and it makes a huge difference for sure...i really like how you told this as well....can relate....

  2. Ah, my old nemesis, anxiety. I know him well. Such a greedy ruler~wants it all.
    Everything becomes urgent and important. Even pruning.
    We forget that we don't have to be everything to all.
    If we die today, the sun will rise tomorrow. The world will go on without us and hardly skip a beat.
    Nice lesson here, v, thanks

  3. I live stepped back laying down looking up and doing all that not needs done or must be done but what says "come out and play with me today."

  4. Hey, Shadow. Glad that you are back. I've missed you. Great poem!

  5. Shadow Dancing...
    Some can be busy AND pensive at the same time.
    Love your advice...G

  6. Our resident SHADOW is back in all her glory!!! I was so pleased to see you had paid a visit with me the past couple of days!!!

    I swear you've managed to make me drift off to dream a day dream and relax, ponder life and love as I read your words today!!

    And as always you are the best!!! Welcome back; you've been missed.

  7. *SIGH* If fear didn't "scare" any longer, I would have accomplished so much more. This poem really resonated with me. Thank you..

  8. I would love to hear you read some of your own work! This piece is awesome.

  9. So good to see you, here and at your recipe blog!
    Thanks for the visit, Shadow.

  10. Good to see you again, Shadow! I could use a few days like the one described so well here. Oh, and, sorry about the Kindle. :-)