Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weeping Wishes

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In the darkness of the dawn
man-made promises deflate,
into wisps of weeping wishes
that defeat you and negate,
as you hover on the brink
of a helplessness severe,
with the first rays of the sun,
let the truth release your fear.


  1. What I've always believed: The truth shall be made known unto you
    And the truth shall set you free!

  2. man made promises that survive are hard to come by but we take them and feel their sting far too the strength in that last line though....nice...

  3. I never accept a promise as a fact Shadow. A fact is a reality come to pass and I can take the reality be it in the night or the day and the dawn..Pshaw a passing moment one gets over as the light rises, a backwards dusk.

  4. You can never trust man made promises. Humans will always disappoint us. Blessings my friend.

  5. I love ya, v, and i know you aren't writing about me, but damn! It always seems like you are.
    And sometimes, truth is hard to face~harder to apply.
    Great poem~great pic

  6. I agree with Just Be Real -- high expectations = disappointments, but how do you release your fears? That, I'm having a hard time with. :\

  7. powerful words used in this work of art shadow
    so few words can make such an impact

    Im so sorry I have been absent for way too long
    I am spending more time on-line tho no where near what I was - so good to see your work flourishing

  8. Promises made in the heat of passion?

  9. wisps of weeping wishes

    What lovely words to read aloud. :)

  10. Let the truth release your fear--wonderful.