Thursday, September 20, 2012

Listen to my story

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Come, come here, come sit here with me
on the cold and moist ev’ning sand,
I need you here just to listen to me,
to that what I have to say…

...and I need to know that I’m not alone,
in the end that it’ll be okay,
so put your arms ‘round me
to show that you care,
that these dragons together we’ll slay.


  1. smiles...we all need someone to listen to our feel not so know that it matters...and that we matter...and much better to face the dragons together....

  2. Yes, two is better than one.
    Dragons struggle when confronted by friends.
    Lovely, v

  3. I'd slay dragons with you, anytime.

    BTW - I love the piece. Well done - so very well done.

  4. Wonderful. We all have a voice! Blessings.

  5. Your brave vulnerability once again touched me deep inside. It has been a while! I promise not to be such a stranger again for so long to blogland. I am here to stay. Bb.

  6. Thanks for coming by my place Shadow. I'll be stopping by now and again to enjoy your beautiful poetry. I really enjoy the Walking Man.

  7. far beyond your planet, my dragons are benign, and not for slaughter... what you fight are demons, and dragons not!

    we send positiveness, for your success....

  8. Shadow Dancing...
    I'll listen to you till the end of days.

  9. I know that you will slay those dragons, whether there is someone there with you or not.