Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Rebel in Her, the Rebel in You

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It was the separatist in her, who thoughtlessly broke the rules,
who caused the malcontent in her and those she touched
by the motion of her being.

And in this chaos she created,
her passion flowed unrestrained,
her words were writ with tears
'til the battle came to an end.

But her spirit did not rest, she still dreamt the dreams
on sleepless nights in the light of her darkness,
and she chased after them,
boldly took what she wanted;
brilliance and insanity colliding.

It was with her dreamy smile
and gentle words, her open touch
and the sparkle in her eyes,
it was the life that clearly lived there,
that allowed her to still her storm.


  1. some people thrive in the chaos...i mean serious life is rather chaos anyway...ha...
    i am glad she truly lived...and still dreamed...

  2. Very creative poetry ~ love the end 'that allowed her to still the storm' ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you ~
    artmusedog and carol