Friday, December 5, 2014

Primal Incantations

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She hears the foreign whispers trav’lling through her naked soul,
compelling her to listen, urging her to assent to their call
that draw her to her foreordained destruction.
It’s a primal incantation that weaves into her being;
presenting waking dreams that guide her by shadowing her day,
stealing the clamour that plagues her waking mind,
and screens the madness that threatens to gain control.
It’s a trance that descends like a cooling cloud of mist,
easing her emptiness, curbing her craving, feeding the instincts
that sleep but never die.



  1. Oh I like that. A bit of the positive woven into the frayed nerve of deep living. Great title too.

  2. All that just from eating too much bacon?

  3. It's a i am constantly trying to get all my tasks out of the way so i can sit down and just listen and obey...fighting it seems just such a waste of time..
    Love what you write!

  4. no those instincts never die...stay right there beneath the surface until we unleash them...

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez he finds this spooky and lovecraftian wich is kwite a mowthful let me tel yoo!!! i am not shoor wot lovecraftian meenz eksaktly but sumhow i think it is less romantik then it sownds!!! ok bye