Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Moon

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If you were to take my hand
at 3.33, walk through silent streets,
to the breaking waves at the edge of town,
would you feel the soft cool sand
stroking your skin, the salt of the air
spiralling a colourful trail through your mind,
and when you lie with me at the edge of the retreating waves,
would you see the stars sprinkle your path
‘cross the infinite black new moon sky...

...or would you just have walked
in the dead of the night,
your sense as dark as the moon.


  1. I hear the soft waves and simmering foam... so lovely!

  2. I could see the stars sprinkle my path - even on a cold, wintry day such as this.

  3. I would sense your presence and your spirit would draw me close, more beautiful than the waves and the night, and the many forms life takes...

  4. Oh, but would there be a "happy ending" by 4:44? (LOL?)

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am pritty shoor that i hav got things owt on the hill wot wawk in the dead of nite just like yoo say!!! that is why mama loks the dog door after dark i think!!! ok bye

  6. I would of seen only you in the moon light...

    Beautiful piece..
    Happy holidays

  7. 3:33: interesting time you chose for this wonderful piece!