Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Spirit in the Soul

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How much of me belongs to that picture
of a smiling 5-year old, next to my father,
who fated to live through me once more;
and what about the images I built in my head
through listening as a loner, being shaped by knowledge
no-one could clarify for me, to chose the paths
that led to ecstasy and destruction;
or am I here because I am, an absorber of recklessness
and foresight alike, here, to dissolve those images
and seek the sphere where stillness exists,
where my spirit can lie down and rest.


  1. Beautiful and poignant! That image perfectly fits this piece.

  2. Isn't interesting how seasons can close the years together and our lives converge in moments of memory that make it seem we have never really changed.

  3. There's a difficult question in amongst the words. We seem to be lots of different beings - not just seven as Shakespeare suggests. But at the same time these different beings mould into one to make the whole - even though we are still that child next to our father.

  4. Be assured that you are proclaimer of truths too deep for most to readily recognize.