Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Erosion of my Soul

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Slow as a breath your spirit leaves my body
as the distance between us grows and grows,
pictures are fading to an old and musty black and white,
and the places you touched now veiled by a layer of dust
that will in time get lost in the slow erosion
of my soul...


  1. Like slowly melting snow
    The footprints no longer show

  2. Nothing stays the same. Life can be sad. Beautiful as always.

  3. . . . very touching and so sad . . .
    We all want things just how they were when we fist experienced them . . . . and sometimes they can be . . .

  4. You found words for the wordless losses. Thank you for this beauty.

  5. Oh! god it just cuts the heart out, very strong emotions of loss and a growing distance between the two hearts.