Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Road Without a Name

capture the power with the sting of blood on your tongue,
close your eyes;
slide through the warmth as the sweetness takes you
to the deep dark recesses of your mind,
there, where it is still
where there’s no time,
where you shape the satisfaction for every cell of every sense,
and shiver with the tremors as they surface to your skin
to shatter your reality into another sphere,
......under the watchful eyes of the ever-present,
waiting to take you into their arms, forever.


  1. Whoa!! This is uncanny! Your poems are so much like the images swirling in my is this happening? :D
    You've given us another piece of ethereal delight...thanks for that. :)

  2. whoa! what a poem, what an amazing choice of words..I got goosebumps!!

  3. ...the watchful eyes of the ever-present. Whoa!!! Slide through the warmth as the sweetness takes you to the recesses of your mind....

    I'm in total awe.

    You're relocating to the beach area? How wonderful. I could never leave these surroundings once I got the taste of it.

  4. I like the juxtaposition of the "there" and "where", time and place bending for the other...Nicely done.