Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Rules

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I wish God had sat me down, and explained to me The Rules.
Of the babe I would be, raised by parents I couldn’t choose, a different path for everyone, in a locale which I have no say over.
To then choose a direction I wish to take, with the scars and childhood bruises that have formed my way of thought.
And no matter how hard I try to direct my environment and circumstances, life has a way of doing things its own way, and I’m nothing but a pawn.
That I would search for answers and explanations of the trite and the deeply meaningful, gain knowledge and insight and hopefully grow to be a fair, considerate and consequential human being, able to care for and guide those who He has chosen to place into my care.
To be left with the dark question of my own mortality, with only faith and belief for the hereon ever after. There is no proof of where I’m going, that what I’m doing even matters, and I am caught up in this Game, with no way out but the way The Rules of Life dictate.
If God had sat me down, and explained to me The Rules, would I have opted to play The Game?  I honestly don’t know…


  1. What other choice is there?
    Life is a game, in a sense and it depends on what we roll on the dice. Sometimes there is luck involved, but often it comes to choice and deciding what is best in the moment and for our future aspirations, but change always blows in so many variables. Live it, enjoy the craziness.

    1. You see, I don't think anyone CaN answer this question, since we don't know the 'person' who made the decision as 'we' hadn't yet been shaped... And maybe it was fun, right there where 'we' were, we'll never know *grin*

  2. So many questions that need answers. All we can do is hope to live a meaningful life, even though sometimes things don't make any sense. Great thoughts, greetings!

  3. Wow! Trust me, you're not the only one. Are there people in this world who go through their life without ever giving a fuck about any of this? Because these questions absolutely never leave my mind! But i guess those people have other demons that haunt them and now that i think of it, i would never trade my demons for theirs. :D
    Well, here's to hoping that some day we do find out the answers and that finally we can be at peace!
    Congrats on creating another gem :)

  4. Life will always be a big question, why are we here?, what purpose do we have? and unending quest...........

  5. Just came across this:
    "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
    - Lewis Carroll (Author of Alice in Wonderland)

  6. Yes, a diamond, this one...As I read, I gave it a title "MYSTERY". I certainly did not come onto earth by my will power. So that tells me "Something" else is in charge. And if Something wanted me to know everything right now, Something would do that. So I might as well settle down and "surrender" (meaning ACCEPT) this life as a gift from Something, and not worry too much about it, but be grateful for the enjoyments, sprinkled with pain and sorrows (otherwise, all-time happy and enjoy, would get boring)--grin!

    Furthermore--in conclusion (ahem!) may I say:
    Shadow, have a LOVELY evening/night...and be aware when the sun rises
    (or later, hee hee)
    I LOVED THIS WRITING. Thank you.

  7. It will be as it should be in the end--be assured.

  8. I agree with Jerry above me in his comment...

    Life carries with it its own rules, no matter if they're broken or the end all will be as it should be.