Thursday, June 2, 2016

There was a time...

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  There was a time I knew you, indulged in you, savoured your fire flowing richly through the fibres of my being,
  you opened a world unseen by average eyes, of infinite enthusiasm and an endless appetite, where I could speed with anticipation though every sense.

  This was quickly doused with disapproval, displeasure radiated at me, and the stifling process of conformity tried to suppress this instinct, these thoughts, tried to tame my impulses, take 1 tablet daily…
  I have ignored it, drugged it, smothered it, denied its existence while watching the sun rise and set, day after day... week... month... year...

  ...yet still you surface. No weaker, no stronger, just as ever-present as if we parted but one new moon’s night ago.
  I rise to greet you, accept you with the confidence and abandon of a 9-year old child, I slip into your familiarity where I can leave my incomplete self behind.

  Now as I look back onto this battlefield called life, its smouldering fires and smoke-poisoned air, made of cold concrete and cracked reflections, I no longer mind the scars on my skin and the pain tearing through me, because I’m here now, and I've never felt more alive.

peace is found only
in the purity of mind and act,
in you… come to me…


  1. Thank you for this enjoyable post

  2. WOW ! Gives me cold shivers !!! The depth of emotion......shjoe, trouble me