Thursday, June 9, 2016


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Tell me how you are.
Tell me who you are after 5 and on weekends,
tell me about the mask you choose to wear,
tell me about your fears and fantasies,
what keeps you standing when the world is falling,
what do you think is the purpose behind all this,
where is your light when there is no moon,
where is your love with the gun in your hand


  1. A jumbled collection but it's all there

  2. Thank you for this well penned marvel

  3. I am the same before 5 as after. Though slightly kinder to my family than any others about me, though I am never intentionally cruel. Unless of course the situation calls for intent.

    The only mask I am aware of wearing is tens years growth of insulation on my face never have been one for parties or playtime. I am content enough in my own skin.

    My fantasies--will not come to be, but I indulge them anyway, most of them have to do with things I could do for others.
    My fears, darling are long ago conquered, there is nothing, no loss or pain I fear. the callouses are too hard for that indulgence.

    I stand because I can, I must, who will speak to truth as truth knows itself to be, reality as it is if not I?

    The purpose behind all of what? Humanity? The cosmos? Relationships? To learn, in all cases to learn, to grow be it fair or foul to grow.

    When there is no moon I have light, on the end of my cigarette, in my pocket, and in knowing that darkness is only fearful to them afraid of the darkness. It certainly isn't in the abundance of starlight I have seen and captured in my memory, this is still 400 sq miles or more of concrete.

    The gun in my hand is not a time for love, it is there for only one of two reasons to practice defending my loves or to defend my loves from them that would eat them. I do not fear the death of them who would do harm, to the harmless.

    Peace is best but in this age, mostly a word used in jest.