Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rules Time Forgot

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It’s taken half a century for me to realise
not all my questions will be answered,
the one thing I need to know, I never will.

 I realise there’s no triumph to a righteous quest,
no gratification from nurturing an empty soul,
why do I still carve a path
towards the dream I’ve tasted on my tongue,
when heaven does not exist?

 We inhabit a prison, live by written rules
time should’ve stolen long ago.
Rules that break us, brings turmoil and disorder,
incites disparity and glorifies violence,
because no sane mind could’ve conceived
such a twisted experiment of degeneration,
watching fools live each day with derision, with contempt,
their minds disintegrating from frustration and futility,
seeking senseless oblivion at the end of the shifting sun…

 There is no freedom, there is no way out,
this is what it is, it is hell.


  1. Deep but well captured. Thank you for this

  2. I may write of hell and this being it, but it is also life my dear, wonderful, wide awake and self aware friend. Life is not in anyway similar to laws and codes, which some seem to know just do not apply to them--hell every politician is a part of a mob.

    I say if you have not had your most intimate question answered then you are facing the wrong direction when you ask it.

    BY the way the answer in general is "fuck 'em."

  3. Oh dear....this is so poignant, and sadly so true.

  4. I agree with The Walking Man, on the answer, having lived a few decades past your age. Heck, if we embrace our lives, we need to clean house now and then, and we keep what nourishes us, and we relinquish to the attic those things we rather forget. Live now; live how you want.

  5. Beautiful beautiful.....but not hell. Beautiful piece!!