Wednesday, June 8, 2016


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It was meant to be today,
I was meant to re-connect
with a spirit, a part I had lost,
to strike me with its
long awaited answers,
fed to me
whisper by sweet whisper,
a breath, a word,
permeating my being
so I may taste the exposure
of all that was lost,
and all that is,
should I invade you too.


  1. The past lingers in the present while awaiting the future.

  2. My friend it would not be an invasion but a non hostile take over.

  3. Thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is how I feel today and most days lately.

  5. Those moments were important to me...

    Life at times
    Becomes scarce
    When day blends into day
    Is it Wednesday
    Or was that
    Yesterday, or tomorrow
    You borrow from yourself
    Just to live another day
    Only thing is
    You don't know what part
    Of you
    You borrowed 4:45 to 6:38
    And like buns in the oven
    They rise to the occasion
    Those borrowed parts of a life
    Filling the holes quite close
    Leaving me relieved
    Because closer then I'll be
    To the end of the day
    When life has its way
    After it is done with you
    Had its say
    You think, dam! Not so bad a day
    Not knowing what going where you went
    Taking borrowed parts
    Left a mint
    Of wreakage in its wake
    One day
    Purely out of desperation
    Couldn't tell you why really
    You walk backwards
    How many
    Day after days
    Actually went past
    Then you see
    A conversation
    That did not end
    It was borrowed
    By me
    No clue what there could be
    More important you see
    Than the reply
    Expected from me
    But knowing me
    Just keep breathing, being, living,
    Seeing one more day
    Was probably why I borrowed
    This conversation
    From me
    Returned it when I could
    And me
    Standing there
    Thinking for all this time
    It was thee who failed to respond
    Not me
    How fickle
    Life can be
    Were I to have the chance
    To go back the months and years
    To that day
    I the borrower came to take that
    Conversation away
    I would do the same
    But on my hand
    A tattoo would say
    Don't lose that conversation
    I loaned to me today
    Because I treasured
    All those moments
    Talking and typing with
    Amy May
    Hello my friend
    It's been many a day
    Since I read your words
    And I felt this way
    How's your daughter
    How's writing
    How are things
    On that end of the bridge
    Not really so far away
    On the off chance
    Maybe this time
    Remind me
    When it's my turn
    To say
    Hello there,
    How was your day?

    Chris McQueeney @just saw this, Wednesday 8/24/2016