Monday, June 27, 2016

Where is the line?

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 Where is the line?

When does fighting for your dream
become a self-defeating quest?
When do obstacles become signs
intended for you to regard,
when is it merely
a test of determination.

Would the end be the same,
whether forced or allowed to flow
to its fated conclusion?
Would it differ?
Other than the acquisition of a shadowing darkness,
the consequence of possession,
other than having stolen the pleasure gifted,
for you to’ve derived from it, given time?



  1. Sometimes the pursuit can suck the joy out of it. Just have to know when to say when.

  2. Would it differ... Good question. I'm afraid I don't know. Ever since "deconstructed" jeans have been crowding my place I been having a hard time knowing where anyone would draw the line...

  3. "When do obstacles become signs

    intended for you to regard,

    when is it merely

    a test of determination." ... just love this statement/ question, friend Shadow cuz me determined ... U? ... Always, cat.

  4. The line for me is where I draw it.
    Dreams are never defeated only let go.
    Obstacles can be signs but if they are signs then they are not obstacles, rather billboards on the path. I love signs especially the one I flip as I pass billboards.
    Self determination has to by necessity take into account as many variables as possible, mixed in with the quantifiable known and then a decision made by the individual. It's harder to write than it is to do.

    Only the quality of the feeling would differ at the conclusion. Youngsters "in love" are far more physical and passionate than old people who are simply far more comfortable and laid back.

    Stolen pleasures are often the sweetest when o harm or foul is committed in the acquiring of them.
    Simply because I have possessions do I have to allow myself to be possessed by them? I think not. We possess life and own the living of it--I am ignorant of any other way to contentment than perspective.

    ? Cool?

  5. I am eternally searching for that line...I know it exists, but I can never seem to find it :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!

  6. 'the consequence of possession' therein lies the those few words lie an eternity of thought, of want ?...erh.....

  7. It is the journey not the destination. I always hated that saying but I get it now. Do what you love until you stop loving it because whatever you imagine the end result will be there will always be something more to chase. Life is about entertainment for the mind picking what satisfies today.