Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sanctify me

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 I generally know what I must do, rarely the reason why, I have acted in ways inexplicable, thought my truth to be a lie,
 I count on luck to hold my hand, know my brakes always kick in, take impulsively with confidence as you’d note in book with pen,
 which is why I long for darkness as you long for the coming dawn, ‘cause daylight sees me sinning, to the sanctifying night I was born.


  1. Thank you for the mind trip. Appreciate

  2. I have often wondered what a life that followed a plan would be like? I was recently asked if my life's "plan" had worked out. After a moments thought I realized there never was a plan only a construct as I went through time, adapting to the roiling situation. I sanctify both the day and night, simply because I never had a plan to do otherwise.

  3. Such a powerful inner fight of light and darkness. Have a blessed Solstice!

  4. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- hay is that the moon??? hang on a sekund!!! hoooowwwwlllll!!! sorry i just had to do that but ummm now i do not reemember wot els i wuz going to say!!! ok bye