Friday, October 13, 2017


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Today I feel the need to fly to the dark side,
follow the hedonistic chants rolling through me,
without forethought indulge the impulses striking,
run free through worlds that may not even exist,
I want to exhaust these desires, burning blisteringly hot,
delve into the deepest darkness where chaos is my nectar,
madness my sanity, where normality means death,
I can handle the pain, the darkness holds no fear,
I am strong enough to face the repercussions,
for you see, sometimes I need to feel the dark.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Old books. New books.

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So many things are fast evolving,
so many people and places will fade away,
so too the memories evoked by proximity,
time erasing details with each tick, with each tock,
voices receding, becoming softer,
until all you hear is a whisper of an echo
draped in the shades of a silvery night,
the warmth of your touch steadily replaced by emptiness......

And just ahead there is blue air and moist footpaths
twisting through untraveled forests,
there I will hear birdsong and croaking frogs,
learn to place my fellow wanderers
by their sound, movements, habits, scent,
I can carve out new routes and routines,
find pleasing places before turning one into a familiar,
bask in the sunshine on a sunny day on warm sea sand,
snuggle down before a wood fire on misty dreary days,

I will take pleasure in writing a new book, on new pages, in a new room,
and I always will treasure the book I am closing now.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Duel

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There are many worlds alive in my soul,
the past intertwines with now,
touches my skin has not forgotten,
loves lived, fights fought, paths parted,
creating new endings from old beginnings,
written as riddles across the stars,
duelling for supremacy in my waking hours,
are they edging me towards my purpose
or my demise?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Midnight under the Moon

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At midnight under the moon
the mind plays back movies
of magic, misgivings and needs.

Here my limbs mimic
movements from our dance
in a mist of merriment and mystery,
where I can wander through meadows
cast in the light from your eyes,
and where my senses react to your motion,
mingle with your scent,
move through me,
a touch of love.

I’m silenced by your honesty,
humbled in the presence of your faith,
a witness to you who lives your truth,
that is life, that is what I need,
such are the yearnings
under the moon at midnight.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Where is Heaven

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Dawn runs its lazy fingers over my limbs,
stretches its warmth to the length of my body,
awakens the need to be alive, to fulfil,
to be in your presence, lead me to you, be my guide,
all I need is your touch, I will find the way.

And with the rising of the moon at 2am
I will devour you as would a starving man
too long deprived of your scent, your taste,
a growling hunger possessing,
every cell compelling, begging, for surrender
to the cravings deep down in my soul.

Where is heaven and where is hell?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Time for a Revolution!

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An entire race depicted
as hunters of a peaceable nation,
subjected to the madness of a cold, cold soul,

judged and found guilty by temperate minds,
raised on the lies of their keepers,

where truth and debt
has been slanted and staged,
fiction turning fact, to a generation
programmed to believe what they’re told,
without question and without qualm.

Honest deeds lost to time.

Complicit in silence, you condemn!
You pledge deference to a lie!
Stand up and speak!
Say what you think,
say what really was,
speak up against injustice,
speak out against bias,
say everything you’ve been conditioned to suppress,

and pivot the power from the governing few
back into your hands, and yours, and yours,
where it’s meant to lie,
with the people deserving their place in the sun.

It’s time for a revolution!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I pray this is not a game to you

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Dormant desires awaken the fire,
fuelled by the wind to a height that is dire,
certainly I’ll burn, I’ll burn in this pyre,
I pray this is not just a game to you.

Deadly deception, delusions, untruth,
denying the reason which time norm’ly grew
enveloped in sin, in sin where we flew,
I pray this is not just a game to you.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

seven minutes to midnight

It's seven minutes to midnight
and the moon reigns in full glory over scuttling clouds
leads dancing shadows across rooftops and lawns
flits through the dreams of the sleeping
leaves behind a seed of magic
stretching the impossible into possibilities
kindles the flame of lost childhood
the innocent faith in the fantastic
shaping, reminding, teasing, daring,
will you remember all this when you awaken?
Or will your wishes burn away with the rising sun…