Monday, July 6, 2015

In the Full Moon is a Darkness

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How I wish for the icy silence of the full moon
to take me in its arms and render me numb and cold,
that it will blunt my vision and fade into my heart,
and maybe then I will find peace from your presence,
because this is all there is, for the rest of our tomorrows,
this is all that will ever be, and it smothers me
to know, to remember, to have had.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Lay Me Down To Sleep

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It is the sandman who cavorts with glee
when he has captured every breathing soul
in his web of fears and guilt,
and whilst he teases you with promises
of escape into oblivion,
he is torturing your psyche
in its most vulnerable state of sub-consciousness,
that you may be stabbed in the daylight hours
with his exact spear of remembrance,
to re-live it in the light of accusation and judgment.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Are We Not aLL Addicts?

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It’s awake before your eyes open,
creeping with stealth through the corridors of your mind,
touching the desires your waking time suppresses,
to punish you with the affliction
of an unrequited hunger
that keeps you running in the fog
to the escape of your choice.
Are we not all addicts?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Road Without a Name

capture the power with the sting of blood on your tongue,
close your eyes;
slide through the warmth as the sweetness takes you
to the deep dark recesses of your mind,
there, where it is still
where there’s no time,
where you shape the satisfaction for every cell of every sense,
and shiver with the tremors as they surface to your skin
to shatter your reality into another sphere,
......under the watchful eyes of the ever-present,
waiting to take you into their arms, forever.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lost as a Drop of Rain in the Ocean

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Lost as a drop of rain in the ocean,
scattered as the stars on a lonely night......

When the moon steals the shadows in the forest which is my realm,
the path that leads me to your door is obscured by green waves that swell.
But I follow enigmatic dreams engrained in the fibre of my being,
re-enacted before my unseeing eyes while my pulse beats a rhythm that screams.
Then daybreak steals the significance of this spell-bound image that I see,
and with it too my mem’ries, as I kiss them goodbye ere they flee.

And I’m scattered as the stars on a lonely night,
lost as a drop of rain in the ocean......

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's the Mind that Feels

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What I see, I feel,
what I hear induces anguish,
and what I perceive twists into daggers,
particularly qualified in inflicting pain
more exact than any lash to my flesh.
And I’d rather cry from broken bones,
fevers wild with insanity,
than feel lacerations that feed my mind,
even when all I want is to sleep.

Friday, June 5, 2015

From the Shadows of the Forest

I’ve always been comforted by the arms of darkness,
I felt safe in my seclusion,
yet a new thing I’ve glimpsed that’s quite intriguing,
with the lick of the sun occurred... the edge of the treeline, ensconced by the shadows,
a warm and soothing ray stole my awareness
and briefly took my mind into the open brilliant sky,
where a butterfly kissed my nose.

My soul is still scattered in the nooks of this here forest
but the novelty of the sun on my face, is attractive to me much more;
so look for me at the side of the forest that hugs the frolicking sea,
I drink in the nectar of seaweed’s fine mist, soon I’ll dance on that golden shore.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Barefoot Minds

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I want to walk barefoot through the world
so I may feel the warm sea sand between my toes,
the flowing water over my feet after a summer storm,
the softest wool of a Persian carpet
and the sting of a thorn when I run recklessly through a field.

I want to be naked in your presence,
feel your breath warm on my skin,
feel the heat from your body reach out to mine,
and drown in the waves of your muscles as they move
to the lick of the soft rays on an autumn afternoon.

And I want to open my mind to yours,
read to you from any page, from any book you choose,
simply stretch out in the wonder you raise in me
when the world disappears for brief moments in time,
and I want to trust in you to be the man I can fully trust with me.