Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Careful, my child

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Be careful my child,
be careful whom you share your secrets with,
in word and in flesh.
In fact, don’t make secrets,
the kind that haunt you, never leave you,
of your deepest regret in life,
where admitting it is lethal,
where living with it destroys your soul.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Fall

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The sword has dropped,
the cut is deep.

I bleed from ancient scars
and from deep regrets,
I feel, but cannot feel.

I am tired,
so very, very tired,
I disperse with a breath
into darkness’ dreams.

Friday, March 27, 2015

My fancy wants me......

picture source: sit at a curb at midnight, in my high heels and smoke a cigarette,
lie naked at the edge of a quiet, deserted lake in the sunshine,
climb aboard a train in Europe without knowing its destination. chase the sunset in my sports car with the top down,
splash through puddles after a summer storm,
ride a mountain shoreline on a motorbike,
and spend a few days on a yacht that is anchored at sea.

I want to watch the stars at 2am and sleep until I wake,
have a room in an attic, to write in on rainy days,
dance barefoot to Led Zeppelin on Persian carpets,
and play my drums until I sweat.

I’d like to have croissants and coffee on a terrace balcony in Paris,
buy an airline ticket online and leave without a note,
and most all I’d like to lie on a beach, forever in your arms.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Darkness, my old friend

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I no longer see the sunshine,
I am drifting towards the stormy sea,
swallow me in your outburst,
let me sink into this ocean of black,
let it eat me up from the inside and out,
tie me up with your sharpest bonds
so that I can bleed, bleed, bleed....
until I am but an empty shell.
Then feed my soul to the hovering demons
that I may emerge from this hell
to walk the earth and live my last days
indulging in every darkness I have ever imagined.

Monday, March 2, 2015

who i was

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i not only miss the people and the places,
but i also miss who i was,
at that time...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

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I passed the grim reaper on my way to work
in his guise as disturbingly cheerful flashing lights
emitting from the red and white vehicles lining the street -
- in a light that’s still dim from the lightning strikes and the thunder
that vied for my attention under a stream of warm water at 5.20 a.m......

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Surreal is the day.......

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Alice would have said “It’s normal.” to a day that’s like today,
where the time warp of deception plays it’s part as Disarray,
in a light that’s juuuust that different to perplex your errand mind,
take the contract from the rabbit and where indicated, sign.

Now the colours of the rainbow weave around you sugar sweet,
melt into your skin with kisses so your secrets they can see,
take away your every ‘should’ which in that world wants attention,
freeing you to live your wildest while in this superb dimension.

Exaltation frees the reticence beheld in darkness’ light,
a choir reaches into you from depths that reunite,
the shaped submission of a soul not ready yet to die
with that of raided senses that command you to comply.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Shadows of Time

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The doors slam shut, one by one,
in time with the second hand.  Her eyes become dim,
a gray curtain drops like a heavy mist,
“breathe, breathe” a mantra in her head,
and her heart thunders down the disused highway
towards the shadows of the mountain range,
far from all she knows, from who presume to know her...
she flees toward an emptiness, comforting to her alone,
to soothe the ragged edges of her being
that are bleeding, in the here and now,
where she doesn’t belong, maybe never did...
in this silence she pulls her tattered pieces together,
gathers her wayward thinking into neat and tidy bundles,
and she reins in her wilful, rebellious nature,
before appearing to you on a cold summer’s morning,
the dew on her naked skin luminous with warmth,
when she returns to gathers you back into her fold.