Friday, August 22, 2014

The Quicksand of your Love

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Observing from the distance I was drawn,
intrigued by your being and your wit,
whilst up close the faint detachment
gave way to a fire
that burnt through countless nights of darkness,
illuminating the fusion of our limbs and our hearts,
and I willingly sank into the quicksand of your love.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


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I am homesick to the future
which lives in my every thought and deed,
I can feel the absolute fear and panic
to rescind each word once spoken,
and I can feel tears of regret
rolling down my cheeks...

yet all the while knowing
that this is the only way,
fear can be overcome,
and that the time to leave this place is now,
leave its memories of restriction and domination,
so that I can still this restless soul
that now needs to find her own way home....


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hourglass

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 A silent exchange conveys consent
to eyes reflecting an equal intent
that seamless temptation transcends.
Motion and rhythm, a flawless song,
as the master draws fulfilment
from expectant strings that quiver
and obey his every touch.
Transient moments become their book
of languid stretches in their memory,
as the sand in the hourglass
steadily falls,
consuming this grace in time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Of Weekend Pleasures

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In the empty hours of a cloudy, weekend morning,
when the bitter freshness of a reluctant winter
bites at bare skin, and bones slowly absorb
the cold through a black leather shield,
barely restrained vibrations tremble through the body,
you hold your breath with the lean into the curve,
and emerge with a rush as the throttle opens up
through the bend into a swiftly approaching horizon
along a dotted line of white that merges as one…

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Hunter

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The Hunter is on the prowl this black and stormy night
where branches strike at roofs and windows,
and assaults the subconscious fears of those
who dare to listen to their wrath.

He feels their fear, he needs no light,
their scent a clear path to his offering, his prey,
who is defenseless and exposed, removed from the arms of his protector,
who is dwelling in the cloak of safety endowed onto those
who live in the spirit world, in essence and in presence.

His strike is deadly, through the forest into the heart,
the absolute silence deepening as he targets in on his prey,
seconds hover between life and death...’s the arms of his protector that close ‘round him,
shielding him in her cloak, as the gold-tipped arrow hisses past
and comes to a quivering stop in the wall behind his heart.

It’s The Hunter who can’t miss, born of anger and in darkness,
but who’s earthly touch can’t feel, cannot breach in any way,
that binding link between two souls who in spirit are connected.

Friday, August 15, 2014

...of transient matters

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You fill me with your ardent lust to still my restless soul,
you lead my thoughts into the space where you my mind control,
and when the hunger claims these limbs of transient ownership,
our heat collides with blazing force ‘til shock-waves through us rip.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The River of Shredded Souls II

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After time immeasurable, sentience seeped through
the icy detachment that had led her into the darkness,
awareness slowly crept back into her being,
she started to open her eyes....

....a vision of her life drifted before fresh and innocent eyes,
a life path as viewed by an impartial bystander,
filtered out, the needless sorrow, pointless loss and unwarranted guilt
that brought her to her knees.

Though her soul passed a warmth of understanding
for the sins of a tortured soul, who’d lived behind walls,
behind pretence, fighting a battle that alone cannot be won,
and her strength flowed like lava through her soul, reviving her core.

The grace of absolution offered freedom from self,
lifted off the ever-present cloud of darkness
that had shadowed her on request, and the circle of destruction,
stretched to breaking point, now broke,
and her life was returned to her.

May we all get this chance in life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The River of Shredded Souls

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Mem’ries thread into my consciousness, placing me
in the frozen black river of shredded souls
that suck me into a roiling vortex
of raging anger, heartache and self-destruction…

…while the river absorbs my tears,
extracts the essence of my pain,
blends it with the tears of the thousand wounded beings
who have plummeted into its depth.

My sightless eyes turn away from the light,
an icy detachment flows through me,
I relinquish all that I’ve heretofore touched,
and the End takes my hand and we go…