Thursday, July 31, 2014

I sorta inadvertently...

picture: own

Inadvertently had a drag race,
in sorta town/burb...

KILLED a Z4 *big grin* baby’s still got it!

Anni, this happened before your comment, huh?!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cage

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The cage is shrinking, squeezing the air from my lungs,
my limbs are cramped as the bonds grow tighter,
my body lifeless, and these eyes would rather stay shut
in a dreamless void to escape the numbing, suffocating demands
created by the choices I’ve made and the life in which I live,
that keep pressing down and down and down…

A part of you dies every time you stifle your dream,
when you push it in the corner to make place for
demands of little consequence.
Your world becomes smaller, your thinking is forced
into line as you would scolded a child,
throttling every spark of passion and pleasure
before it can touch you, to prevent you from stretching and breaking
the bonds so carefully placed on you.

These shackles are now too tight, the cage’s become too small,
rebellion has sneaked into my dreamless void
and shocked me awake with visions of a point beyond this non-existent life,
leaving me with the key and the choice
to huddle in this corner, a well-controlled obedient puppet,
or to open the door to a daunting and scary world
where the chance of freedom, pleasure and peace exists,
where I have the chance to be true to me,
when will I unlock the door?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweetest Perfection

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You place me in a dreamscape, create magic with your being,
you're the freedom all elusive, making every nerve-end sing,
you remain inside my skin, every moment, every day,
always yearning for your presence, I can’t from you turn away.

You’ve touched me deep and placed me in a state I can’t endure,
ever needing you beside me with intentions quite impure,
as I need to have you with me, you make living so worthwhile,
for a moment of your love’s enough to last until I die.

Past the Limit of Fear

It’s the dream that keeps recurring with unexpected regularity,
a dream that draws the very same picture over and over again,
and each time it leaves me frightened as the end is always the same,
while the dread lingers in my soul for too long a time thereafter.

And the dream appears again, with the outcome still the same,
yet this time I let the scene play on and the dread has somehow gone.
In it’s place a strange sensation, is this freedom so unknown?
Seems the moments past the end, doesn't mean the end at all,
as there is still more out there, past the limit of our fear.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This is the Time

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The sun has just risen, there’s a bag in the back
with a passport and their dreams, and they are heading
to unknown places that are calling their name.
The time of change is upon them,
duties done and responsibilities terminated.
The world is now their stage to follow their instinct,
directed by their need to live their thoughts
with obsession and infatuation before darkness claims their souls.
Ahead lies the open road, nights of dancing until dawn,
speeding down byways as if the devil were chasing their tail,
and a freedom that leads them to intense satisfaction
in there where they are, doing that which they wish,
and release the dormant passion into discovering and feasting
on each other with their body, their mind and their souls
finally freed from expectations.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Living Against the Odds

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When you live against the odds,
general sanction isn’t high
but you’ll get the chance to chase
every dream that you desire.
Thrills that make your heartbeat race,
put goose bumps onto your skin,
are worth so much more than winning
every dime store prize life brings.
And you may not find the rainbow
nor the picture perfect life,
but you may just find another
soul who’s heart beats just like mine...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rhythm of the Tides

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My restless soul has found
it's final resting place,
where the trail of footsteps end,
at the edge of the warm white sand.
Here the water rolls to meet me,
touch my spirit with their knowledge,
as the whispering waves have led me
to their arms, they’re calling me.
And I walk into their rhythm
where the tides us re-unite,
merging in this written moment
at the very start of time.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lost in the mist

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Every cell in my body is screaming for you to take me into your hold, in that darkness of oblivion you bring to me, to carry me on that dreamy river of star-kissed waters where the rays of the full moon bestow on me the gift of you as the redeemer of my freedom, who raises me to rapture, leaves me yearning ever more...