Friday, September 21, 2012

I wish...

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I wish I could glide
on the wings of the wind,
let the raindrops in the clouds
cleanse my soul there where I’ve sinned,
swim with dolphins through the waves
with a limitless delight,
come to rest on desert sands,
powd’ry soft and snowy white,
before watching as the sky
turns into the deepest blue,
then I’ll close my eyes and dream,
dream sweet dreams of me and you.


  1. nice...pretty cool adventure that would be...i have swam with dolphins and once you get over fins coming up out of the water they are pretty cool....i like the absolution in the rain...and the softness of the desert as well, which is a nice contrast to its reality....this is lovely...

  2. Shadow....I am in awe!!!
    This one today just flows so smoothly...
    gives thoughts to a life of dreams

    I like this.

    We must all dream a dream of solitude and goodness. Make a life filled with ease. Even tho, life isn't, we still need to dream. And you did it so well with your talent of prose.

  3. will you trust me?

    Say these words from the bottom of your being and believe them throughout every fiber of your knowledge and cellular structure...

    "I forgive me for carrying too many bags, them I own, them I owned, and them I let other people put in my backpack, yes i do--I forgive myself."

    when you can do that, forgive will defy gravity for you will have no more weight of this place on your shoulders. Forgiving others and being forgiven is easy compared to forgiving your own self Shadow. Happy flying because I just know you will be able to sail softly and gently upon the warm breezes coming from you now.

  4. I love it when rhyming is so fluid you barely notice it and wishin is what we bears do best.
    Sounds like the perfect day

  5. "Relief" is the feeling I got out of this. I love this piece!

  6. If we could only live in our dreams we could be free and there would be no dragons to slay.

  7. I'd be ever so careful of those Dolphins if I were you,riding them you'd be in for a nasty surprise as they try to force sex on you because they are sexually attracted to humans and we are not,but at least you get a warning when you turn them on as they turn RED when sexually aroused.

  8. Sweet Shadow. I see this first getting wet and then drying off and sinking adrift. Blessings.

  9. What a delight to see you posting daily. As always, this one is terrific!

  10. your poem is a gorgeous prayer of a sweet unbridled desire for
    uncomplicated joy being with another, thank you.

  11. I haven't blogged or read blogs in over a year. But here I am and you still have the most beautiful touch with words.

  12. You can do those things, Shadow. Just let go and go walk on the beach and enjoy the ocean. No need to hold back.