Friday, September 18, 2015

Dance to the Tambourines

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Tonight we dance in the wilds of the woods
in moonlight that colours silver our limbs,
the smoke of the fire calls out to the spirits
who lick the flames high into the night sky.

Follow the queen with bells jingling from her hips,
let the song of the earth sing through you,
she releases your soul into the ethereal light,
mingling sweat that is glistening on our skin.


  1. "Follow the queen with bells jingling from her hips,
    let the song of the earth sing through you"

    Man. That's awesome. For me, the "queen" is a really strong wind. There is no greater feeling than a hard-ass wind nearly knocking me over, but letting me remain balanced at least enough to get my groove on. ;) Yes. I'm a dork. But I love this poem. :P

    Love me some belly dancin', girl!

    1. Super sexy too, if it's secretly about an orgy of hippie-witch-girls. ;)

  2. So much atmosphere here. I want to dance, too.

  3. The sexiest part of the Spirit! Many blessings to you!!!

  4. that is such a beautifully penned poem :)

  5. Let's dance....ouch...perhaps not! Fantastic scene you've painted here.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  6. makes me think of the witches dances in the forest to celebrate the changing in nature,
    and yeah, it can spin over into intimacy - but then again, so can most dances.

  7. This is truly wild! I would follow her anywhere :D
    I wonder how fulfilled creating this must have made you feel.

  8. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez he is always up for a danse!!! espeshly if its a vietnameez waltz or a kwikstep or an ardjenteen tango!!! just tel him ware and wen!!! ok bye

  9. Can i be a Pasha and recline on the multitude of cushions smoking a hookah while i watch this dance? If not then i am getting up with a grunt and dancing under the night sky with you kid.