Sunday, September 6, 2015

It Is But An Illusion?

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I am watching the invasion of alien seeds into the forests behind the home of my birth, blown here on the angry currents of heated winds from the fires of a hell in an unknown land.
But they do not respect the ways of this forest, their scent overwhelming the harmonious balance of a system my forefathers carved with their blood.
They inject their roots amongst roots of old, laughing at our monuments in celebration of our birth right, strangling my voice in the foreign tongue of falling leaves, as they extend their reach of slow extinction, the extinguishing of my being.


  1. Into the book this one goes, Shadow! This is simply beautiful.

  2. Time to fight back methinks, although it may just be too late. Brilliant Shadow.
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  3. "in the foreign tongue of falling leaves..." stunning!
    I hope you are feeling well these days! Have a blessed week!!!

  4. Who is it that has stolen what was once precious to us,
    leaving us with something far from it?

  5. The mysterious beings stealing from us what we are destroying now - the earth

  6. They keep trying and I keep refusing to let them have my space or peace of mind, they can root and sow as they will but I will to be the last one to leaf in this forsaken place.

  7. Nothing stays the same except the forces of change it just keeps coming. All things pass away it is just life.

    This could represent so many things. How nice.

  8. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay this duz not sownd like a verry gud sitchooayshun!!! it may kall for an intervenshun frum the doghowse of justiss!!! i am on my way!!! ok bye