Sunday, September 20, 2015

The One that Follows

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Lifeless as the broken wings of a butterfly in the wind,
my heart reaches out to you but I cannot let you in,
it is I that drown in the flood that I am in.

The waves break above my head again, I’m engulfed by the tempest sea,
that feeds my tears into the sky but rain can’t wash me free.
I will drown before you ever me will see.

I don’t belong, there’s no missing breath, as if I'd never been,
my footstep gone, a thousand years, I’m the sea upon your skin,
but I drowned before I could’ve let you in,
I drowned before I could’ve let you in.


  1. ...tempest sea, that feeds my tears into the sky, but rain can't wash me free.
    I loved this verse. For some reason my breath got caught in my chest!

  2. ... u fortunate enough to live where u were born, Shadow ? ... yes? ... then u r fortunate enough 2 belong ... believe me cuz I know ... Love, cat.

  3. beautiful.......................yearnings............................

  4. This old fat man is a good ocean swimmer, be it seas or tears. I will rise to the surface and bring you breath and if you want to surround me with in the flood, that's cool I have room enough in here to let YOU in for a rest. My plumbing works fine and the drains are all clear. My darling friend!

  5. The echoe in the end is quite evocative and I like how it is the thread that runs through. When you are getting pummeled by the waves you can feel so helpless as well, spun and tossed and turned and not even know which way is up.

  6. There is a great sea in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom of Heaven. It is filled with the tears He has shed for and because of us, and I am ashamed of how much I have contributed to its volume. Still yet, the love He sends my way through those like you makes the bad a more bearable. Thank yo so very much.

  7. Powerful words and creative expression ~ wishing you inner peace and love for yourself ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol