Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Another Statistic

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Dark, dark, hollow eyes stare
at the emptiness surrounding her
the day she lost her shadow
to the calling of the dare.

Yes, heavy is the veil of sorrow
that’s descended into the air, this space, my bones,
your missing breath, your presence,
your forever-there presence that’s now gone. gone. gone.
……I don’t care much anymore, for this game.


  1. I love this:

    "the day she lost her shadow
    to the calling of the dare"

  2. The sense of loss is the most paralyzing sensation!

  3. Hey, ending up being just a statistic still means you counted!

  4. The title itself is quite evocative. Being seen as just another statistic is so cold
    and barren. And after they have always been there - when they are gone - it all
    seems so empty.

  5. the game of love is a bitter rebuke.
    a whirl of emotions, this poem.
    something i can relate to.