Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dark is the Night

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You came to me in my dreams last night,
you sat on my lap and you closed your eyes,
it was 3.33 when with tears I awoke,
no night is as dark ’s when the heart is broke.


  1. Beautifully wrought and absolutely true.

  2. Hey love! Any news from birdy? Is he feeling any better??

    1. sadly, yes. he's gone... what i wrote actually happened. at 3.33 am. the vet told me he passed on early this morning... thanks for caring.

  3. interesting on the symetry of the time 3:33...and when the heart is broke, the night takes on a much deeper dark for sure....hugs. i am sorry for the loss of your bird....

  4. Oh oh
    No good dream happens at 3:33
    Always darkest just before the dawn.

  5. Oh crap, V!
    Hadn't read the comments~just jumped in blind.
    I'm so sorry bout levi
    What a shitty time for such a call
    Truly sorry, shads

  6. The picture is amazing
    the tears shatter the page

  7. SHADOW, I'm SO sorry. Especially after all the (inappropriate-sounding?) comments about laughter earlier on FB and a reply on my blog.

    But, as you know, I (really do!) speak--out loud--with birds every single day, even in rain! Often I whistle, and get the feeling we are conversing our camaraderie or love...or both. Maybe some Peeps are "scoffing"--who cares?--but I know that YOU KNOW!

    LOVE for you today, Shadow, and PEACE and (yes!) JOY.
    From Steve (steveroni)
    This moment--I am sad...

  8. When i read todays post i knew it was real but i did n't want to come to any conclusions. I am so sorry honey! Pets are family members and nothing less so the grief is deep. I know how difficult it is to lose such a good friend.
    When my grandma died we were travelling to get to her. I was asleep in the back seat and she came to the dream. I woke up in tears, when i reached the house i did n't have to hear what my aunt had to say. I already knew.I always thought myself lucky for that last goodbye.
    Blessed be!

  9. I don't know if my comment went through. I'm so sorry for your loss. To lose any pet is heartbreaking. I'm uplifted by the 3:33, though. Esoterically, it's a powerful number. I suspect he really did come to you.

  10. sweetlty done, and so very true.

  11. I'm so sorry about your loss,but you did all you could do.You need to let yourself grief for a peroid of time, and then come to terms with that was nothing more you could do and that will heal you.

  12. A beautiful poem, Shadow, and a lovely tribute to your special friend. I'm very sorry for your loss...

  13. Breathe, Shadow just breathe and let that which causes the tears of another wash over you.

  14. beautiful....
    this dream was like reality in so many ways.
    you always make words be a part of life that we all experience and bring out the beauty, the sadness, the emotions, up or down...become real.

  15. Dreams can be so intense and they catch us with no defenses. I know this feeling!