Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Through the Rabbit Hole

picture credit: http://hypnotises.deviantart.com/art/What-your-LOVE-means-84714735

I’ll gladly follow the bouncing white rabbit
through hedges grown high
and openings grown closed,
deep, deep, deeper into the maze
to where the sunlight turns a misty grey
and the moonlight paints me into a luminous puppet,
controlled by fantasy and sheer indulgence.
An impish reflection dances through ferns,
splashes through cola brooks
and dances with kangaroos
through the scent of sweet  blossoms
that open the door to wonder,
transforming the chaos of a rambling mind
into a playground carousel of magical sounds
and lights…
free from restriction, free from restraint,
free from our neighbours bounds;
and delight instead in the tea of laughter
with the joker, our host for the night…


  1. Ha! Cola brooks and bunny hopping with kangaroos.
    (can tigger be there, too? I love to bounce!)
    I breathe deeply to read this, shads, and my heart takes wings.
    Only you can improve wonderland.
    And i'd follow an emerald glow anywhere.
    ~still wanna race you to the moon:)

  2. When I see the word "free" these days I get excited! Wonderfully written Shadow. Blessings.

  3. Beautifully written as always.... sense of freedom & wonder. :)

  4. smiles....if you can point the right direction i will follow you into this magical world....slow down mr rabbit i am on my way....

  5. Babe, you are on a roll! These daily pearls are what I expect to discover on every night of the fullest moon. We are blessed!

    And...I'd like to follow also that "bouncing white rabbit" through all the goodies of the Universe to that door opening turning point: "...transforming the chaos of a rambling mind
    into a playground carousel of magical sounds
    and lights…" FREE!

    Love the whole idea (rabbit follower-Peep), but especially the "transformation".
    Again, and always...

  6. would love to retreat in the tea of laughter for a bit ...even if only it's pretend.

  7. Tea of laughter with the joker, our host for the night...great line! Love the poem. Your muse is whispering to you 24/7!

  8. This would be a lovely place to go, without restraints or borders ~

  9. So so descriptive!!! A magical place that cola brook must be! Tea of laughter, we all need this hidey hole in our lives. Great interpretation here dear Shadow. As always.

  10. Shadow you can drop by this jokers place anytime...bt i make tea from the lawn clippings.

  11. isn't it great to realize that life is fully realized in 'moments' rather than 'years'..........