Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sins of our Fathers

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From the day we are born
our innocence’s replaced,
by the sins of our fathers,
which we lived and retraced,
on a path of learned experience
we accepted as the norm,
as we’re moulded none too gently,
without realizing the harm.

And we touch each other daily
with the wounds that deeply bleed,
sometimes hear a warning echo,
yet continue without heed,
in the perfect life we've woven
with the thread of deep denial,
all the time the heap gets bigger,
as the guilt we now stockpile.

Yet the circle needn't close,
you can write an ending new,
treat the demons to a gathering
with the truth to them undo,
lest you wonder in the dark hours
of a moonless night alone,
why the children joined the circle,
for the sins that we now own.


  1. Shadow, over the years I've 'known' you, writing often has not been your habit. However, EACH time you've posted a blog, it is a priceless GEM.

    I love climbing into your mind, and reveling in phrases like "retracing , living those sins of the father", "hear warning echo, yet continue without heed", "write a new ending", "wonder--meditate--in the dark moonless night alone", "treating the demons (HA!) with truth"...

    "Everything be all right in the end. If everything not is not the end!"

    I will always cherish having met you here, Verena.
    Love and PEACE!

  2. Oh yeah, breaking that generational chain we all forge a new link to shackle our children with. I realized what was happening a lot sooner than I finally said "fuck that" doing as my fathers father father ad nauseum had done.

    I at least tried to kick my kids out of the circle...they were not born to be me.

    I can carry the sins of my forefathers, *shrug* I have great big shoulders and though I grow weaker every day they remain big enough for that little bit of bird shit.

    You always seem to be able to have the words to compact my thoughts for me Shadow. You just keep kickin' me in the ass OK?

  3. wow...nicely done....great pic to start off...rather is a vicious cycle...and it is passed on from parent to child until we wake up and change something...this is a tight write shadow...a harder truth...

  4. Always a pleasure to drop by here and travel through your beautiful mind!

  5. Hmmm..the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?
    And i wonder how many generations deep the roots run?
    Maybe the axe isn't enough, maybe the stump needs to be dynamited.
    And denial seems to be the imaginary sun that brightens the leaves.
    Thought provoking, v

  6. A heavy theme, the sins of our fathers replacing our innocence ~

    For some, the cycle is never broken ~

  7. Break that chain. Then beat the devil with it!

  8. "we’re moulded none too gently,
    without realizing the harm..." Well said, well said.

    I loved this...the entire work!!!! It speaks volumes and comes across loud and clear.

  9. It takes wisdom and kindness to break the chain - the endless circle of repeating sins. No matter what the source. But it CAN be done.

  10. exactly... reminiscent of:

  11. Shadow Dancing...
    Only you can make Original Sin something beautiful.
    You have always given me chills.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  12. If you did not have the words to this, the picture would suffice. Hugs my dear.