Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Piece of my Heart

We have a little Levi, a 6-year old African Grey Parrot, who, against all odds (for what do you know, I didn't believe myself to be a bird-person) has crept real deep into my heart.  Levi has now been sick for 7 weeks, and between building stress at home and this very nasty virus, he has not been getting better.  He's gone to hospital today, to stay for a few days, to be fed as he's so dehydrated and weak, and hopefully turn this whole thing around... Please keep him in your thoughts... this hurts...

It is in the gusting breeze
under dust-filled hazy skies,
in the fever pitch of chaos
that all sanity defies,
that a menacing cold darkness
a long shadow now imparts,
bringing home the fear of losing
a piece of this breaking heart.

It’s the hounds of hell that wrote,
down my spine in blood that’s red,
with their nails a word of warning
as towards me they have sped...
Now I pray my tears of love
wash away their cold intent,
'cause I can't release this piece,
that the Gods to me have lent.


  1. dang...that second bit on the hounds writing down your back...that is vivid and intense...i am sorry you little friend is sick....sad...i hope he gets to feeling better...it does hurt when our animal friends are sick..

  2. Oh honey i will light a healing candle for him! Do not worry everything will be ok! Birdy will come back soon better than ever.
    Blessed be!

  3. Oh, Shads. I will be praying hard for you and Levi. In my view, animals and children should never have to be ill, but that's not the way it is. I will be thinking of both of you and waiting to hear that little Levi is home and fluffing his feathers once again.

  4. Hey, my dear friend,
    Sorry to hear lil levi hasn't been able to turn this thing around.
    But it must be tough, living in a cage, even if surrounded by love.
    I imagine there's something in levi that yearns to fly tree to tree and maybe a romp or two with lil levette.
    Anyway, hope he gets better, and yes, releasing is oh so hard to do.

  5. I hope he pulls through. I remember when you first got him!

  6. At a meeting this morning--topic, tools-of-the-program--after all the "shares" I could only think of my most recent "tool". On bike before sunup, stopped at a Red light, I heard, then spotted a little bird on high wire whistling his melody. I whistled back. This kept repeating, until I "felt" we were conversing. I wish we "knew" one another better.

    And that is how my Higher Power allows me to believe He is nearby. NOTE: most everyone at meeting--82 people--thought I was loony, but Shadow, you will not!

    Love your line(s) "...hounds of hell" as they "sped" toward you. While actually speeding toward Levi (and you) is the "Hound of Heaven". And whether Levi in a week is back home, or passed on, I can hear him saying:



  7. I want you to know that I have Levi in my prayers not just my thoughts, because our adopted children of fur feather fin and claw are just that, our children...we take them on to entertain and amuse us and they dig so deep into our skin that our grief is sometimes more profound for their loss than some human kin we hardly know or rarely see. God will care for Levi, He must love the name...hugs to you and never apologize for loving any living thing...

  8. Sweet lady, I hope Levi gets better. Are pets are a part of our families and a big part of our lives, it is sad to see them suffer. Sending positive energy and love your way.

  9. I am partial to birds since I have two myself. Oh I pray for his health. AG are the smartest birds around. And can outlive their owners. Hugs to you Shadow.

  10. Oh Shadow, I do hope your Levi recovers! Keeping you in my thoughts!

  11. Oh, Shadow! I'll be thinking about you both.

  12. Your post tugs the heart specially:

    bringing home the fear of losing
    a piece of this breaking heart.

    I hope Levi gets better ~ Our one and only pet bird was freed by my then 9 year son because he thought the bird wanted to be free out of the cage ~

  13. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer that levi is under the wether i hope he gits better soon and comes home asking for more cork nuts!!! ok bye