Monday, October 22, 2012

Tortured Dreams

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And the darkness stead’ly marches through the distance, coming near,
bringing in its claws the madness of the despot who craves fear,
one who feeds on blood-red tears shed by cowering broken men,
broken by the bonds of heartache so entrenched they cannot fend
off the nightmares of the days long gone, playing in their mind,
seeking dogged retribution from a fiend they cannot find,
for the darkness takes their man, without question, without thought
to the one who’s left abandoned, tortured dreams their new cohort.


  1. You have a gift. Everytime i read you, something happens deep inside me. It feels like Autumn in my heart.
    Blessed be.

  2. dang....ominous and can tell its election season...haha...and even if this is not a political statement, yikes...nightmare indeed...

  3. Fear is such a deadly enemy. Wonderfully written Shadow. Blessings.

  4. See? This is why drugs should be legal. I mean, who the hell can fight such an army of darkness knowing no mercy?
    Well told as always, V

  5. Yeah Shadow I get this. sometimes I abandon and eaten and sometimes I am abandoned and shredded, I'll be damned if that bastard does not have some long deep penetrating claws. I am good now...back to being pissed off.

    Hey have I told you that of all the blog header pictures I come across I LOVE yours more than any other.

  6. This is dark ... very dark. I hope that's not reflective of your mood.


  7. Awesome, once again! Your gift with language causes internal shifts...

  8. Too often, embedded in our writings
    are personal experiences, but not always.
    I'm hoping this is one of those "not always", butt...

    Deep (dark) thoughts in rhyme
    when we have the time
    help us to stay standing
    as Peeps around us are landing
    on their------
    butt in the end
    all will be Okay!
    Let's live for today.

    Love to read you, Shadow, it
    brings you so near
    while yet so far.

    ♥ Steve

  9. Comment: This is my second comment...totally different from first, which is spacing past Pluto by now... Wish I could remember--first one was GOOD! (sigh!)

    Two sets of tracks, one of mucky-muck. Other shiny, smooth, fast, of steel. I believe (anything!) parallels may meet in the far distance, as the Universe might bend to make it true.
    (Well, anything's possible. So WHAT if it's never been seen?)

    Often when we write, embedded therein is a little--or a lot--of our experiences. But not always. I cannot but hope (pray) this marvelous piece of yours is in the "not always" category.

    Just thinking: "Before and after every darkness is LIGHT!"

  10. You do have an amazing talent for capturing a mood or feeling and painting it on the page. :-)

  11. Shadow Dancing...
    Broken dreams aren't enough?
    They must be TORTURED as well?
    Unfortunately you nailed this perfectly.
    In typical Shadow style...:-)

  12. MS Shadow,
    Our marketing staff has been studying the comments here, and we would be proud to endorse you.
    Gillette Razor Blades
    (JUST KIDDING!!!~OUCH! Ok, ok! Put the stick down, please