Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visions of the Past

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Even when the world’s imploding
and all avenues seems blocked,
when each friendly hand seems tainted
by the knowledge that is locked,
in instinctive base reactions
programmed in your darker days,
that you need to stop and wonder
if you see true through this haze;
that may mask the real depiction
of that which is ‘fore your eyes,
can you benefit the sinner,
cut the truth from latent lies?


  1. interesting question there in the is important thoguht to make sure our lenses dont get fouled by our history though and question why we see things the way that we do....

  2. Yes, so pre programmed
    Ancient clouds hide the fresh light.
    You always inspire thought

  3. The past does have a way of clouding our view of the present and the future....this is very thought provoking and a beautifully written poem Shadow. Thanks for the warm words over at my blog. :-)

  4. Is it not times like these that teach us? Is it not working our way through times like these, and ultimately getting to that bright place where all is sane and clear and full of grace, that gives us the ability to slow down for a bit and enjoy the view - knowing that taint is everywhere and will return? And we'll do it all over again?

  5. that is quite a question in the end...I hope one can see through the lies and mask of deception ~

  6. I don't think I can anymore Shadow--no one listens to anything but the ringing in their own ears.

  7. Nice, funny how we each have a different perspective, which is what good poetry is all about; who were the Joke and the Thief in All Along the Watchtower, were they you, were they me? Sorry, anyway I read this as the voice of our experience can be our best teacher, for ourselves and others whose path we share.
    Peace Love Light

  8. can't let the past haunt us, as long as we learn from it... today will be better.
    great write, makes me think.

  9. It is obvious why you are listed in the Big Blog Collection under "Writing"...

    My belief, (since I know nothing!) is there IS not future or past but only now. And in this "now" moment is everything, eternity. (I wrote much more, but your few lines have succinctly stated "...what we used to be like...and why!"

    On a binge to "know" less than more, I am succeeding! Or maybe is it that in which I do not believe--TIME?

    Be the best, Shadow!