Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hallucinations of a hollow mind

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Nerves rustle through the mind like rats through the undergrowth
of insanity, desperate to claw their way into the chambers of logic,
to find a foothold on the fragile rungs of newly captured knowledge,
while patiently waiting for their weight to snap the thread of reason
that holds the hallucinations of a hollow mind at bay…


  1. Damn blogger. Comment didn't go thru. Tryin again
    When i saw the title, i thought, "oh no! Where's she taking me today?"
    I think we all fight our own brand of insanity and the hollow mind seems the perfect lab.
    You present an image i'll not soon forget, painting so well with your words as always

  2. dang....intense...but that is def what those fears do....burrow in, find a place and start knawing away at our reason....

  3. WoW! So little words, so much more emotions.

  4. You create a canvas of beauty with your facility with language, shadow. My god lady when are you going to publish these incredible pieces?

  5. Now hold on for a are in place A and the rats and shit are trying to make you insane which is to say put you in place tell me who decides that A is sanity and B is not the insane station...See the way i see it where i am is where sanity resides. nowi know for a fact that 99.2 % disagree and think me fully warped but then They are simply the ones in the world that need a poets touch to bring them back to reality. Ergo there Shadow you keep touching them, i will keep touching them and soon enough us poets will have touched all of them who are insane and then our work will be done. Just remember even if you think it yourself, ifit is the majority opinion it is the insane choice.

  6. Shadow Dancing...
    Your nightmare was 56 words!!! You could have played...Tsk tsk stk.
    You Rock Baby.....G

  7. I like the underground of insanity ~ That picture is something else ~

  8. That made me shiver!First the picture then the words! Excellent.

  9. like a scene out of Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton......

  10. "fragile rungs of newly captured knowledge," this Shadow!!! will you participate in the gratitude quilt this year? Hope so:-)

  11. wow..intense.
    only truth can set us free.