Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the arms of a Willow Tree

picture credit: http://cedeimante.deviantart.com/art/--329959680

Last night I was summoned by the waving arms of the willow tree,
the one that stands at the rivers edge, bathed in the setting sun.
It was their branches that reached out, swirling through the star-drenched waters
to murmuring angels, before opening the door to a realm far beyond.
My bare feet walked the dewy paths of moss the brightest green,
butterfly wings brushed against my cheeks and the breeze swirled through the air
in colourful tails. And that is how I became that carefree child,
filled with curious and exciting ways.  Or was it the air, sweetened with nectar,
or the dusting of silver on my naked skin in the moonlight
that opened the gateway to a freedom few experience,
to a realization only some acknowledge,
that the passing of days is indeed a liberation
of the senses that know more than the mind.


  1. smiles....to be set free as a child again, a liberation of the senses....all for it....and it does know more than the mind, i agree....love the setting as well under the willow tree...lovely imagery to set that....

  2. Shadow Dancing...
    This old Stump is waving "Welcome Back"!!!
    You are fantastic....G

  3. Huh! Never saw the passing of days as liberation~i'll have to give it a whirl.
    But i love the idea of searching for freedom in the arms of a willow.
    Another great write, shads, that springs hope from beauty.

  4. I like this thoughtful piece of writing. What is it that liberates us? Our words? Our knowing that we are finally free to make choices that are right for us without using "conventional wisdom?" I don't know how I became free only that I am...I am at peace with you Shadow knowing you found yours too.

  5. What a wonderful piece. You've captured something both magical and real. Great photos.

  6. I mean this with all my heart....you always take me into a world of fantasy and emotions!!! Your words today that capture my mind were "Or was it the air, sweetened with nectar, or the dusting of silver on my naked skin in the moonlight"

  7. This is quite thoughtful... Love the imagery here! :)

  8. Lovely words which conjure a magical world - ah to become as a child once more ...

  9. This may be one of my favorites! Really beautiful!

  10. the passing of days is indeed a liberation

    ...and so with age comes wisdom.:)