Friday, June 13, 2014

the Confines of Control

Picture credit: unknown

You’ve wrapped me up in perpetual anticipation,
you woke the sleeping dragon who’s restlessly testing the confines of his control.
Cold fingers run down the length of my spine and I shiver, I am awake,
and in dire expectation to feel the impact of your force,
when you break through the restrictions into my receptive flesh,
and undertake to drive it through until I reach the end.


  1. oh my...i think i will read this as that you are awake...a hunger so fierce...and sounds like its going to be a fun ride at least....smiles.

  2. Oh my. Such power in this post.
    There are so many thoughts that I can relate these verses to. Freedom is the thought that I end up with each time.

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  3. Gosh! . . . . only if you absolutely insist!
    How could a red blooded Englishman refuse?

    Just loved the way you asked :)

  4. I read these words.....for me, erotic. [Oh Bu-d? Come hither!!!]
    But on the other hand, this could be the anticipation and realization of a whole 'nother door opening to live a life from the hereafter.

    I LOVE this!!!

  5. It filled me with a sense of anticipation! I can see what you said about the Friday the 13th and the full moon!

  6. This is captivating in it's wanting....and like Hootin Anni said, it seems there could be another way this heads. Always a pleasure to read your words Shadow! :-)

  7. is it gitting warm in heer or is it just me??? ok bye

  8. Whoa, that can take a person in all sorts of different directions!

  9. The end, or the climax, beautifully described.