Monday, June 16, 2014

The Final Church Bells

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We walk this earth sightless down cracked empty streets
led by our thoughts conceived in darkness,
turning to dark needs when they’re born.
And that’s why I walk, my legs driving me forward
by a restlessness I cannot control
and a restraint that is threatening to break,
as the fork ahead draws nearer to the clock that tells no time,
I am damned no matter what; let the final church bells chime.


  1. Wow this is quite powerful and emotive...I love this.

  2. def...and nice rhythm and rhyme...makes it feel a bit haunting...and hey when presented with those kinda odds...the clock that tells no time is a cool turn of phrase as well...

  3. That first line is really amazing Shadow....I think sometimes there is a restless spirit within a writer...that drives them forward to write more to say what has not been attempted to be have that true talent to say the unspoken. It is a gift. :-)

  4. As though we are mere servants and subjects of old father time.. .

  5. Aww fuck that "damned no matter what" Shadow if we're blind the dark road is no better than the lirt one is it? I bear my dark needs always ifind them tasty at times even when i know i can't afford them anymore. The one thing the blind from birth will always have is pure memory.

  6. The clock may well tell no time but, when it does, I don't think this will mean you/me/us are damned.

  7. Yeah, I've been there, but one's eternal damnation is often not as secure as far too many have been led to believe. Of course, the devil really is in the details.