Monday, June 23, 2014

It's a Lonely Road to Absolution

In the cold light of a cloudy morning she was ripped upright in her bed,
blinked in confusion at the seeming calm of the muted silence outside.
She shivered as her shirt slipped past her shoulder down her arm
and the cold hard truth of an ancient reality slammed through her soul.

The shivers that wracked her body did not come from the chill that crept through the glass,
but from the bruised reflections that were still stamped on her body,
the shadows that threaded through her vulnerable mind
and exposed her conscious to the heedless self-destruction she so willingly succumbed to.

She draws up her knees, folds her arms around her legs,
drops her head into her arms and yields to these visions.
...lets them slash deep into her flesh, lets them tear apart her mind
and with closed eyes relive every dark and tarnished need to which she’s surrendered.

The tirade runs on and on, choking her, but she does not blink away a memory,
does not shy away from facing all that darkness throws her way.
‘til at last it started weakening, fading slowly into gray
before a grateful stillness settles upon the disorder.

The mirror cast her reflection, she is sitting proud and tall,
a veil of dark hair hanging down her back as are yesterdays bad dreams.
She is facing towards the east, towards a light that has broken through,
bathing her face with a gracious touch on this lonely road to absolution.


  1. the shadows that threaded through her vulnerable mind

    Love all these concepts.
    She sould such a fascinating woman I wish I could somehow meet her.
    The road to Absolution is ineed a long one. :)

  2. A nightmare, forcefully relived in your skilful poem.

  3. There is much about my past that I am deeply ashamed of, These things haunt me still, and it is a good day when they only come around once or twice.